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Financial and
Investment planning

Keen Wealth Advisors is one of the top 5 financial
advisors in Kansas who have successfully managed
500 Million worth of Assets. Keen Wealth is a Financial
and Investment planning company specializing in
Retirement and Estate Planning.

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Keen Wealth Advisors


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Overland Park, KS

Company size

2000+ Employees

Salesforce Solutions

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

The Challenge

Keen Wealth Advisors faced the following Salesforce Challenges
  • Previous consultant left before the project was completed. AGG was contacted with only one month left in project timeline.
  • Salesforce’s out-of-the-box lead conversion process was not suited for the customer to use Financial Service Cloud.
  • Keen Wealth did not have the ability to track customers’ annual renewal dates and communication with customers was sporadic and inconsistent.
  • Required to use Orion Connect to transfer financial data from Orion but no current method existed.
  • Incomplete customer data was hindering Keen Wealth.

The Solution

Keen Wealth Advisors Salesforce Solution Provided By Access Global Group
  • Created custom process for Keen Wealth rather than using the standard lead conversion process. FSC best practices were followed.
  • Developed and implemented automation with tasks and email using renewal dates and contracts.
  • Assisted in data clean-up and created a workflow to migrate data from Tamarac CRM system.
  • Successfully assisted Orion support in connecting Orion to Salesforce.
  • Developed automations for timely and effective follow-up with customers.

The Results

Keen Wealth Advisors Salesforce Results with Access Global Group Services.

  • Cases are created through over 100 email IDs.
  • Agents are assigned to cases dynamically based on agent skills & priority.
  • Customer was able to cut down on the amount of manual work.
  • Support managers were able to assign agents to high traffic case queues where needed with ease.
  • Case resolution times are now meeting KPI’s consistently.
  • Agents are able to see multiple components of data in one screen, limiting the amount of time spent looking for the data
      needed to resolve a case.
  • Leadership has clear visibility in to Reports & Dashboards to measure ROI.


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18%
and increased call center KPIs by 25%

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