Financial Services

The Promise of Salesforce
for Financial Services

Challenges faced by firms throughout Financial Services are unique, but this opens the door for smart technology solutions. Powerful tech solutions fuels tangible business by creating a more agile, connected and responsive organization.

Data Collection and Analysis Needs

Banks and other financial firms rely on large data collection and analysis for lead generation, customer service, and sales. For instance, having data on a customer’s income and credit history needs to be on hand to target upselling opportunities and answer any questions they may have. Being able to quickly access an individual’s data also makes it easier to reach out to potential leads with eligible services.

However, many finance firms are left with a tool box that is disorganized and confusing. They face overpriced legacy infrastructures and find themselves relying on the overwhelming task of manual data entry while crucial sales data sits underutilized in Excel spreadsheets. Sales and Customer Service reps are tasked with reams of manual data entry which makes their organization prone to human error.

SalesForce Implementation

A Salesforce implementation that is custom built for Financial Services enterprises is the perfect catalyst for efficiently and effectively transitioning data to a more efficient and effective business.

Thoughtful automation ensures that data is not only stored, but shared in real-time with sales reps, customer service teams, and the C-suite alike. Baked-in real time analytics takes reporting time from days to minutes. And advanced CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) capabilities mean that voice-driven insights can be fully stored, categorized, and analyzed, bringing a crucial source of operational data into the mix.

Seamlessly navigating this transformation requires a deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform, and an ability to customize it to reflect the needs of different financial firms. That’s precisely what Access Global Group provides: hands-on consulting, implementation, staffing, and support services proven to deliver impactful Salesforce solutions for the Financial Services industry.

Salesforce in the Financial

Service Industry



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