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Access Global Group is proud to introduce another app to further streamline your business: Salesforce – Commishnr. Commishnr gives the user complete control over how commissions are calculated.

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Commissions Made Simple
Commissions Made Simple-Commishnr

This app is perfect for managing all commissions, bonuses and referrals that are paid to your employees or to your external candidates. Commishnr is a 100% Salesforce native application developed in such a way that allows organizations to perform complicated tasks without the coding — or the headache.

After the app is installed in your Salesforce org, select Commishnr in your app launcher. On launching this application, a crisp user interface is displayed with 5 important tabs: Home, Admin Set-up, Commissions, Reports and Dashboards.

Visit the Admin Set-up Tab to Access Commission Plans
Visit the Admin Set-up
Upon clicking the “Admin Set-up” tab, one sub-tab appears: “Commission Plans”

Clicking on “Commission Plans” allows the employer to define plans by filling in required fields like: Commission Plan Name, Entry Criteria, Commission Payment Rules and Scheduled Criteria. The employer can then assign the plan to respective sales agents.

The “Target Object” comes with two pre-configured options of “Opportunity” and “Lead,” the two terms used by Salesforce. This field is customizable and has several configurable options that best suit the employer.

Commission Payment Rules
Commission Payment Rules
Here you can determine if the commission should be issued based on count, sum or per record.

Field to Calculate and Commission Type allows the employee to specify the commission with precision.

Available Users
Available Users
After creating a plan, assigning users to it becomes just as easy. Simply select the right candidates from the drop-down box of Available Users by clicking on the plan name located on the left of the screen.

Assigning users ensures control over visibility of the plan to a carefully curated audience.

Commissions Tab
Commissions Tab
The Commissions tab summarizes all the commissions generated under this specific plan up to this point, and allows the employee to filter users based on different criteria and conveniently update the status to paid or pending.

Payee & Schedule Criteria

Payee allows you to choose who the particular commission is attributed to and the Schedule Criteria allows you to choose when the commission is to be issued.

Entry criteria defines when an Opportunity record is eligible for Commission Plan.
The number of conditions that we can set under the entry criteria is practically endless.

Rules under this tab can be considered “sub-rules” and allows the user to automate commissions for various kinds of jobs such as phone inquiries or partner referrals. These rules can be updated at any point in time.

After the desired rules are set, click “save” at the top right, which saves the plan and automates all subsequent commission deliveries.

Scheduling Criteria
Scheduling Criteria
Scheduling Criteria allows the employers to choose the time and frequency of commission delivery. This automates the assemblage of all relevant data during each time period and picks users that meet the defined criteria and designated amounts.
Schedule Job
Schedule Job
Don’t forget to activate the Schedule Job toggle to set the plan in motion for calculating commissions. The plan can be deactivated at any point in the future.

Customize your commishnr for any industry


Insurance sales


IT Sales


Real Estate


Financial Services


Wealth Management



Commishnr Features and Pricing

100% Native Application
User Management Module
10 Levels of Commission criteria
Simple to Complex Commission Structures
Account Payable/HR Module to update commission statuses
Commissions on Leads
Custom Objects
Multi Currency
Paid When Paid
Manager Overrides
Sales Split
Multilevel Commissions
5 Plans, 5 Users
Enterprise License
Unlimited Plans
$5 / Month / User
$1000 initial set up fee

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