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Every system encounters roadblocks. Successful businesses are those who know where to turn to when problems threaten efficiency.
At Access Global Group, our team members are selected not only for their certifications, but also for their extensive experience within the Salesforce platform. This experience brings with it the ability to find innovative solutions; no matter how challenging the problem, Access Global Group will find a solution.


Millennium Trust

Millennium Trust was established in 2000 and focuses on unique IRA custody solutions. They are known for their ability to solve for the most complex IRA custody requirements. Millennium Trust’s ability to serve their clients was seriously hampered by their current setup when client service is

Total Insurance Broker

Total Insurance Broker (TIB) specializes in helping clients find affordable health care plans. TIB Health instructs clients in medical insurance terms and details to aid in the search for a plan that is best for that individual. The CRM system used by TIB was not able to capture all 

Legg Mason

Legg Mason is an affiliate investment group, based in Baltimore, Maryland but with individuals throughout the world. Legg Mason specialties include equity, fixed income, liquidity, and alternative investments. Legacy systems were impeding communication, commissions, reporting,

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