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Typically, Salesforce maintenance and support is managed by an in-house Salesforce Admin and support staff. But Salesforce is a constantly changing platform, requiring continuing education, training, and certifications.

Much of this is out of reach for very busy or small teams. The good news, however, is that there are great alternatives to the traditional in-house support!

Access Global Group offers Salesforce Support as a way to supplement your current Salesforce Admin staff. Within this category, our options include on-demand, ongoing, or long-term support so we can provide you with the assistance that best suits your business model and specific needs.


On-Demand Support


On-Going Support


Long-Term Support

What’s Included with Managed Services?


Strategic planning

Building up an effective Salesforce org is not an easy task. Whatever your goals are, it takes a great deal of time and planning to get your system to where you want it to be.

Access Global Group will help see your ideas to fruition and pave the way for long-term success.


Salesforce optimization

If you currently have Salesforce and find that you’re missing out on key opportunities, it’s likely that it’s not optimized for your company. Salesforce is a powerful tool, but if it’s not implemented properly, it can impede growth.

Access Global Group will help you bridge the gap; seamlessly merging two functionalities for maximum efficiency.


Continued Enhancements

As technology continues to evolve, your Salesforce org should evolve with it. We’ll work with you to help manage fast changing industry trends and streamline your business processes to set you on the course for smooth sailing.

Working smart in the digital age means having smart solutions on hand when you need them most.


Technology and Industry Experts

Don’t drop the ball trying to juggle everything yourself.

Access Global Group has a team of experts on hand who have worked hard to fine-tune their craft. Whether you need an IT connoisseur, an industry specialist, or have a general question, we’re there to help you with whatever life throws your way.


Transition to Lightning

Access Global Group can help you painlessly transition to Salesforce Lightning without compromising any of the factors that make your business great.

No matter the size of your company, we’ll pay close attention to how the transition will impact your organization. We’ll ensure that your whole team benefits from the shift.


Integrations and Support

Whatever the obstacle is, Access Global Group will be there to troubleshoot solutions. We’ll work hard to monitor integration success and provide program solutions as needed.

You no longer have to wait around for updates. They’re now made in real-time, which means that staying informed is only a click away.



The heart of Salesforce is the data. If your data isn’t being input properly, it can critically hinder functionality.

We’ll work with you to validate data storage to make sure your information is secure, and that proper back-up plans are in place. With Access Global Group, you never have to worry about losing files again.


Superior Organization

Having a strong structure for your business is pivotal for growth; but it’s no simple task.

Our skilled team at Access Global Group will measure your performance as you continue to grow to make certain you’re staying on the track for success. We’ll structure your individual plan in a way that works best for you.


Business Reviews

We’re in this together. Accountability is a priority for Access Global Group, which is why we’ll continue to improve in order to help you in the best way that we can.

Together we’ll lay the foundation for a strong business and work through industry changes, follow business trends and map out plans for the future.


Development Operations

Salesforce ensures premier development viability.

Completely eliminate overhead and stand out from the competition when you partner with Access Global Group. We offer development support throughout your entire company, no matter how big or small. When you’re worrying less about development operations, you have more time to grow your org.


Analytics, Reports and Dashboards

Do you wish you could observe all of your business stats at a glance?

When you implement Salesforce, you’ll get a panoramic view of your entire organization with just a few clicks. Accessing reports, viewing dashboards and metric observations have never been easier. Dashboards can also be customized for your industry needs.

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