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The change to the Salesforce Lightning interface is an exciting move! It is also a great chance to do some “spring cleaning” to your Salesforce setup; remove dashboards or apps that are no longer in use, update or add the newest integrations to speed up your process and make your business even more efficient.

In order to help current Salesforce clients to transition from the Classic user interface to the new Lightning Experience user interface, Access Global Group is offering a free Health Check consultation. This checkup will give you a reasonable estimate of how long the Lightning changeover.

The change to Lightning can be a short process or a long one, depending on your setup and history using Salesforce. Knowing the length of time involved can be the difference between success and extended downtime.

After the Health Check is complete, you will receive a statement of work that will set you up for success – not only in your change to Lightning, but in your Salesforce future. There are no further obligations afterwards, and you will be armed with a deeper knowledge of your own CRM setup and a plan for the future.

For your FREE Health Check, fill out the form. We will also send you more information about possible challenges when migrating from Classic to Lightning so you can be better prepared.

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