SOS ( Salesforce Optimization Score )


Pop Quiz !


1. Your Salesforce org should ideally have a check up :

a. Once a year

b. When converting from Classic to Lightning

c. When adding or removing users

d. Any time you want to know if you are getting the most value out of your Salesforce  setup

e. All of the above

( Answer : e )

2. How difficult is it to obtain a report about your Salesforce optimization score ?

a. Should only be attempted by a licensed professional

b. It can’t be done

c. It requires a team to perform all of the investigating, scoring, and reports

d. Scoring can be done by your own System Administrator

( Answer : d )

3. Does the assessment take a long time? 

a. 3 weeks

b. 3 days

c. Fewer than 24 hours

( Answer : c )

4. Is scoring your Salesforce org going to disrupt your normal business flow ?

a. Yes: All use of your Salesforce must stop until the process is complete

b. No : It can run while normal operations continue.

( Answer : b )

5 . What is the cost?

a. No cost

b. It’s free

c. Nothing

( Trick question: the answer is all of the above )

Fill out the form below to receive step-by-step instructions on how to run Score Your Org for yourself. This will produce a free report giving you insight into your Salesforce setup.

We are currently offering a program to help you understand this report . It includes:

– An analysis of your SOS report by an experienced consultant
– A consultation to walk through your report to help you understand the results
– A list of recommended Next Steps to improve your score

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