Access Global Group Stands in Solidarity with the Women of Iran

Jenna Trott

5 min read | OCTOBER 28, 2022

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The driving force behind the Access Global Group name is our humanitarian, family first culture. Our values drive our work culture and as a company with offices all over the world, we prioritize a “person-first” mentality. Whether it’s our clients or our teammates, building a sense of community amongst one another, regardless of where we reside in the world, is essential.

In light of recent events regarding the global Iranian protests following the unlawful death of Mahsa Amini, the Access Global Group family wants to assert our stance in unity with the people, but especially the women, of Iran.

From our home base here in the United States, to nations throughout the world, the pervasive oppression of women and the stripping of their inalienable human rights is deplorable and directly contradicts the values of this company, as it should contradict the values of companies everywhere.

Access Global Group stands with the women of Iran. Access Global Group stands with the women of the United States. Access Global Group stands with women everywhere.

Zan. Zendegi. Azadi // Women. Life. Freedom.

Here’s How You Can Help

Be Their Voice: Due to internet blackouts in Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran limiting access to social media, international awareness of the protests and the inhumane events taking place in Iran has been slow to spread, robbing Iranians of their voice. If you can do one thing, it’s to talk about it – be their voice. Don’t be afraid to speak up or participate in the movement. Educate yourself about the events taking place. Ask questions. Share information. Here are other ways to support the cause:

Sign a Petition: Sign the ongoing petition with Amnesty International, asking for the creation of an independent United Nations mechanism to investigate nad hold Iranian officials accountable for their actions

Stay Informed and Use your Political Power: Join your town or state’s local protests to bring greater attention to the cause. If you can’t attend a protest yourself, spread the word about one taking place in your area by sharing or sending posts on your social media. If based in the U.S., ask your congressmen to vocalize their support of the Iranian protest and the women of Iran. Contact your representative through a written email, or by calling your local elected official’s office. You can find who your elected officials are by going to and

Additionally, Iranian activists are pleading with the public to help them get their voices out into the world. By helping to share news about the latest protests in Iran, you’re helping their voices stay relevant and empowering Iranian women’s fight for freedom. Here are a list of female activists and journalists you can support by sharing their updates:

Share Information:

Mahsa Alimardani: Researcher and advocate for
Roya Boroumand: Co-founder of the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
Jasmin Ramsey: Deputy director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran
Azadeh Pourzand: Human rights researcher and writer, and director of the Siamak Pourzand Foundation
Gissou Nia: Director of the Atlantic Council Strategic Litigation Project
Golnaz Esfandiari: Reporter covering Iran for Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty
Masih Alinejad: Iranian journalist and activist

We continue to be humbled by the women and citizens of Iran whose acts of bravery are inspiring the world.

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