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Salesforce for CRM Analytics (Tableau)

Unleash the full power of your Salesforce data with CRM Analytics. Infuse
highly intelligent and predictive analytics into every client interaction to
not only provide your whole team with a clearer picture of data, but to
curate more profound customer relationships.

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Access Global Group will help you find the solution that’s right for you
and maximize your Salesforce for CRM Analytics (Tableau) investment


1. Salesforce CRM Analytics (Tableau Analytics) Optimization Services

2. Salesforce CRM Analytics (Tableau Analytics) Implementation Services

3. Salesforce CRM Analytics (Tableau Analytics) Integration Services

4. Salesforce CRM Analytics (Tableau Analytics) Support Services

Solutions for any industry!


1. CRM Analytics for Sales

2. CRM Analytics for Service

3. CRM Analytics for Marketing

4. CRM Analytics for Manufacturing

5. CRM Analytics for Retail & Consumer Goods


6. CRM Analytics for Healthcare & Life Sciences

7. CRM Analytics for Public Sector

8. CRM Analytics for Communications & Media

9. CRM Analytics for Financial Services

Start maximizing your salesforce investment today!

The Gold Standard of Data

Discover the untapped power of truly comprehensive analytics. Explore new ways to leverage data into your business to accelerate growth, launch your team ahead of the competition and make the best decisions for your current and future circumstances every time.

Salesforce Powered

CRM Analytics is 100% native to Salesforce, thus your data can be interwoven into every decision and action taken on the Salesforce instance.

Advanced AI

More than just an algorithm, CRM Analytics’ AI is driven by practical applications so you can uncover not only the “why” behind your data, but also how to improve business performance to better reach your goals.

Data Management

Easy to use data prep and cleaning makes it simple to extract meaningful insight no matter what condition the data is in; ensuring that the information you see is the information you can trust.

Total Flexibility

Explore and play with your data. From where it comes from, to where it lives, who gets access to it and how it’s visualized, CRM Analytics can be tailored to your specific needs.


Work better, together. Generate new ideas and opportunities around data to propel your business forward. Sharing insights across channels is not only secure but scalable.



“Great Partner to Work With”

“We began our relationship with Access Global Group actualizing Contract Life cycle Management. From our underlying undertaking, we have since ventured into Sales Process improvement for the Seller Journey in Sales Cloud, Process Automation, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Integration with SAP, Lightning Experience Transition, Reporting/Dashboards, Einstein Analytics and Marketing Cloud.”

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“In just a short period of time, Benefytt experienced rapid growth, growing from 300 employees to just over 2,000. Despite Salesforce being an integral part of their organization, they became quickly overwhelmed trying to balance their personal growth with managing the robust system that is Salesforce.”





“Our engagement with the partner has been extremely satisfying”


AppExchange 5-Star Community Review

Salesforce for CRM Analytics

Dive head first into your business’ data for total visibility of key opportunities and revenue trends previously unseen. Make smart decisions, faster, connect your teams and empower clients with CRM Analytics.
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