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Innovation done your way. Uncover the power of purpose-built insurance technology to not only exceed customer expectations, but to also bring insurers and policyholders together all on one unified platform. Do more in less time with Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce insurance solutions.

Capture the attention of both customers and employees by leveraging a unified and interconnected platform.

Access Global Group will help you find the solution that’s right for you and maximize your Salesforce Insurance investment. Products that make a difference.

Salesforce Insurance Financial Services Cloud for Life & Annuity, Group Benefits, Property and Casualty

The #1 Insurance CRM from Salesforce

Salesforce Insurance (FSC) is more than just software. It’s an effective integration of channels across marketing, sales, service and beyond. Seamlessly unify your teams and place policy holders at the center of every interaction, making your insurance firm the firm they trust.

Build Connections

Transform policyholders’ service experience by being available for them via mobile, landline, email, or social sites. Intelligent task prioritization helps to guide agents and notifies them of their most urgent cases, so they can be addressed first.

360° View of Clients

Salesforce Insurance (FSC) uses pre-configured charts and graphs to track key client information so agents can deepen their understanding of policyholder relationships and anticipate future service needs.

Earn Loyalty

Whether you’re having a baby, buying a new home, or changing jobs, Salesforce for Insurance helps drive what matters most: human connection. Omni-channel unification ensures that all relevant client data is stored in one location, fueling deeper connections so your team can provide stellar support.

Solutions You Can Depend On

Unlock your financial institution’s full potential, facilitate growth and optimize workflows with solutions driven by data.
Data-Based Decisions

Empower insurance agents and sales managers with pre-built dashboards and templates to easily visualize upsell or cross sell opportunities, open claims and other actionable insights without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Maximize Management

Advanced automations allow agents to shift their focus from repetitive tasks like claims and underwriting to instead focus on personalizing the policyholder’s experience throughout the entire claims lifecycle.

Business Agility

Low-code cloud based solutions provide superior yet secure solutions for Insurance industries. Whether you’re generating quotes, integrating new policies or managing claims, Financial Services Cloud for Insurance reduces handling times and generates opportunities so you can close deals faster.

Salesforce Insurance Integration Consulting Services

Transform your insurance capabilities with a painless and effective Salesforce integration experience!

Duck Creek Salesforce Integration

Tap into the power of innovation with Salesforce and Duck Creek Technologies – the driving force behind cutting-edge insurance systems. With a comprehensive suite of capabilities, effortlessly tailor your systems to perfection using low-code configuration tools. Seamlessly integrate into the insurtech ecosystem, fostering unmatched collaboration and growth.

Guidewire Salesforce Integration

Take your policyholder experience to new heights with our integrated solution for success: Guidewire Salesforce integration. By leveraging the superior capabilities of these industry-leading platforms, you’ll empower your agents and service representatives, exceed customer expectations, and stay prepared for whatever the future of insurance holds.

Applied Epic Salesforce Integration

What happens when you integrate the #1 insurance agency management system in the world with the #1 CRM world? Unmatched sales acceleration, exceptional customer experiences, and a company that’s prepared for whatever storms the financial industry may weather. Discover the difference for yourself.

Drive down operational expenses and accelerate innovation through tailor-made Salesforce insurance solutions.

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