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Access Global Group is a team of experts in Salesforce Consulting, Support, and Managed Services. Living up to our name, we are a truly global company with offices throughout the United States, Canada, and India and successful projects throughout 37 US states and 15 countries.

Access Global Group is a fully remote company, which means we aren’t limited to hiring within the confines of a single district or region. We have the ability to add talented individuals to our team based on experience, certifications, and skills from across the globe. This gives our clients access to the most exceptional team overall, not just in their area. Since solutions come in all shapes and sizes, we believe the best team should be just as unique. The Access Global Group team is comprised of individuals with a wide variety of languages, backgrounds, stories, experiences and expertises. This makes it hard to find a problem we haven’t encountered before and certifies that there is no limit to what can be achieved with Access Global Group.

We are Salesforce Experts

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Our recognized ability to deliver outstanding value is the product of effectively partnering with clients to better understand their business. AGG works to advise our clients before seamlessly deploying our workforce and processes accordingly. We are committed to delivering innovation by collaborating with clients to help them become high-performing businesses and governments.

AGG can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance by using its comprehensive industry and business process expertise, broad global resources, and a proven track record of technological breakthroughs. Our technology and professionals analyze, research, design, and implement solutions in Technology Consulting, Managed Services, and On-Demand Support. AGG is noted among five leading SaaS specialist firms by the Forrester Research Report. We are also top rated in Force.com, Source Line, Salesforce.com, Leaders Matrix, and listed as the fastest emerging vendor by CRN.com.

Professional approach

At Access Global Group we believe in mutual benefit and growth. We are committed to professionalism by working ethically, legally, and in a timely manner to fulfill agreements. We are reliable, refuse to compromise on our values, and are focused on finding the right solutions for any circumstance.

Technology advisor

Access Global Group relies on its determination to find the best technological solutions for any client’s needs. We have the experience and knowledge to help companies improve customer relations, boost productivity, and become more profitable and successful

Thought leadership

The industry of technology services and consulting is constantly evolving, and Access Global Group stays astride the latest trends and breakthroughs so we can share that knowledge and use it to create the best experience possible for our clients. We feel that as leaders in the industry we must keep ourselves educated always looking for new and innovative ideas.

Activities And Skills

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Our areas of expertise are comprised of, but not limited to: on-demand technology support, technology staff augmentation, cloud infrastructure consulting, technology consulting, and business consulting. Our staff of professionals are highly qualified in every area of technology, such as software and web development, engineering, programming, business analysis, help desk or tech support, and project management.


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