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Go beyond traditional customer support. Connect clients, employees and products on a single platform to elevate every experience and transform simple interactions into moments that matter with Salesforce Field Service.

Do more with less. Whether you’re working digitally, or in the field, Salesforce Field Service offers premier management of onsite jobs with real-time collaboration capabilities, making it easier than ever to deliver next-level service from anywhere.

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Transform Collaboration

Provide quality end-to-end support for clients without ever missing a beat thanks to cloud connectivity. Salesforce Field Service ensures access to critical data and functionalities to promote enhanced team collaboration.

Virtual Support

Allow customers to easily book phone and video appointments to reduce in-person visits and scale faster thanks to virtual support. Further digitize your workforce with mobile capabilities that not only act as a single source of valuable knowledge but also optimize workflow with automated alerts, guided job instructions, contract and report generation, plus so much more. Leverage mobile connectivity to help your team manage essential work even when they’re offline.

Connected User Experience

Easily synchronize service and technician teams and provide them with the most critical information when they need it most. Send the right technician to the right job and quickly send notifications to clients for updates on dispatch, delays and completions.

Advanced Management

From work orders, shifts, inventory, appointments and beyond, Salesforce Field Service simplifies leadership’s ability to effectively manage business employees and clients due to a unified view of all functionalities.

Optimized Workflow

Regardless of industry, allow your field service to flow more efficiently. Reduce costs, optimize workflows and schedule seamlessly, all thanks to Salesforce Field Service.

Intelligent Scheduling

Utilize the map view to dispatch jobs by location and other critical data while simultaneously tracking agents’ current location. Salesforce Field Service provides a clear visualization of team schedules and projects via the Gantt and utilization view to help prioritize task completions.

Advanced Automations

Work smarter, not harder. Automate repetitive work processes with Lightning Flow and collect meaningful data to accurately predict service needs.

Data-Driven Decisions

Say hello to real-time updates and visibility for your business’s operational performance and KPIs. With Salesforce Field Service Analytics, your team has access to your business’s most vital information from any location – so you’re spending less time document searching and more time focusing on company growth.

Boost Revenue, Drive Efficiency, & Provide a Seamless Customer Experience With Salesforce Field Service

For the last 15 years we’ve been creating customized Salesforce Solutions for clients of all industries and sizes. With a perfect 5-Star rating on both Salesforce AppExchange and G2 User Reviews, Access Global Group is the right choice for your organization’s Salesforce transformation.

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