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Salesforce Mortgage and Lending meets innovation. Unify your team with a shared view of customer data and key insights — all on one connected platform. Leverage the power of financial technologies to streamline lending procedures and prioritize the customer, making your financial institution the one they trust.

Innovation done your way. Uncover the power of purpose-built insurance technology to not only exceed customer expectations, but to also bring insurers and policyholders together all on one unified platform. Do more in less time with Financial Services Cloud.

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Elevate the Borrower’s Experience

From guided applications to simple document tracking and approvals, Salesforce Mortgage and Lending gives your team the tools needed to provide elevated experiences for clients so ordinary interactions become moments that matter.

Superior Customer Support

Applying for a mortgage or loan can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Cloud-based technologies provide borrowers, lenders, realtors, brokers, and dealers with transparency and self-service options to lend and borrow with confidence.

Streamlined Lending

Digitize the lending lifecycle from application to closing with intelligent financial technology. Integrate third party and system data onto a unified platform to create a single source of truth for clients, simplify lending processes and achieve operational mastery.

Lifelong Loyalty

Have your financial institution stand out amongst competitors with the ability to unify data from separate systems to gain valuable insight into customers’ financial profiles, relationships, and needs. When lines-of-business gaps are closed, advisors have access to valuable information for meaningful engagements and need fulfillment.

Accelerate Your Business

Unlock your financial institution’s full potential and facilitate growth with intelligent data analytics and simplified workflows.

Actionable Insights

Streamline growth with intelligent predictive analytics and gain key insights into borrower and partner profiles. Because data is cloud-based, it’s easily accessible from any device with internet capabilities no matter where you work.

Maximize Productivity

Productivity tools like scheduling, project tracking and goal setting allow teams to use their time effectively and get more done in less time.

Advanced Automations

Leverage the power of Einstein AI to automate recurring and laborious work so you’re spending less time on repetitive tasks and more energy on the jobs that demand their expertise.

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Success starts here, with Salesforce Mortgage and Lending solutions you can trust.

For the last 15 years we’ve been creating customized Salesforce Solutions for clients of all industries and sizes. With a perfect 5-Star rating on both Salesforce AppExchange and G2 User Reviews, Access Global Group is the right choice for your organization’s Salesforce transformation.

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