Access Global Group +
Westminster American Insurance Company

Access Global Group + Westminster American Insurance Company

There are many reasons why a company may decide to implement Salesforce. When organizations find themselves facing difficulties like tracking and managing leads or finding an abundance of data inconsistencies, they may wish to supplement their processes with a system that helps to unify the business and better serve their clients. Salesforce has a user-friendly interface that provides its users with a multitude of functionalities that work to promote accuracy and efficiency throughout your organization.

Westminster American Insurance Company found themselves experiencing many of these obstacles and decided to move forward with implementing Salesforce. Doing it yourself runs the risk of data loss and inconsistencies and oftentimes, new Salesforce users are unaware of the instance’s true capabilities upon initial adaptation. Thus, Westminster American decided they wanted to maximize their investment and began their search for a team of experts to assist them in transferring their data and effectively implementing Salesforce. Westminster American made the decision that Access Global Group’s qualifications and core values best aligned with their own and the goals they wanted to achieve.

Westminster American described their ideal system as one that would not only personalize the client experience but would also help to streamline client data collection. Access Global Group’s intervention was one that curated a Salesforce system to fit their unique needs, rather than trying to adapt an entire organization to a cookie-cutter format. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team and to share their story of success. Stay tuned for more information on Westminster American Insurance Company’s journey to Salesforce.

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