Advance to AI Associate: Advice for Salesforce Certification

Jenna Trott  |  NOVEMBER 26, 2023  |  5 Minute Read

Attention Financial Service Companies

Salesforce made waves this year when they unveiled their latest breakthroughs, Einstein GPT and the Einstein 1 Platform. These innovations hold the promise of ushering in a fresh era of AI-driven insights, poised to enhance productivity for every employee and elevate the customer experience to new heights. In a landscape where Salesforce and the AI world at large are undergoing transformative shifts, the time is now for honing your AI expertise, a critical step that can propel your career to greater heights. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Salesforce’s latest certification offering, AI Associate, and provide valuable tips to help you succeed.

What is the Salesforce AI Associate Certification?

The Salesforce AI Associate Certification is your gateway to driving transformative and impactful change within your organization through the power of AI technology. In an era marked by the rapid rise of AI, individuals are actively seeking avenues to expand their horizons and future-proof their careers. This certification has been thoughtfully designed to embrace a wide spectrum of backgrounds, welcoming individuals with varying levels of AI knowledge, including administrators, business leaders, representatives, and more. Its primary mission is to validate your fundamental skills in the ethical and responsible management of data in the context of AI within CRM, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the journey ahead.

Getting Started

Embarking on any new journey can be daunting but especially so when faced with numerous uncertainties. However, the world of Salesforce offers a reassuring advantage: an abundance of accessible resources and comprehensive guides that help to demystify the unknown. With just a laptop, tablet, or cellphone and a reliable internet connection, you can begin to carve out your path toward obtaining a Salesforce certification. In this guide, we’ll break down key things to note about the preparation and process for earning your Salesforce AI Associate Certification.

Who can take the Salesforce AI Associate exam?

The Salesforce AI Associate certification exam is open to those with a solid understanding of Salesforce’s core capabilities and who can easily navigate the Salesforce platform. It’s designed for individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, or experience in the following areas:

AI Fundamentals: This encompasses grasping the basics of AI, including different types such as predictive analytics, machine learning, NLP, and computer vision.

Salesforce’s AI Principles: Especially within the context of CRM systems like Salesforce and its suite of products, candidates should be well-versed in Salesforce’s trusted AI principles.

Data Quality and Governance: Recognizing the significance of data quality, data preparation, and data governance in training and fine-tuning AI models.

Ethical Data Handling: This involves a comprehensive understanding of ethically and responsibly managing data, including considerations for privacy, bias, security, and compliance.

Stakeholder Engagement: Candidates should be capable of engaging in meaningful discussions with stakeholders regarding how AI can enhance business operations, identifying opportunities for AI-driven improvements and potential challenges.

Candidates are not expected to:

Demonstrate expertise in the integration of AI models with Salesforce workflows and the associated security considerations concerning AI data and models.

Hold extensive knowledge of compliance requirements and data protection regulations about AI implementations.

Be adept at customizing AI features, including the fine-tuning of AI models, crafting personalized predictions, or seamlessly integrating additional data sources into their AI solutions.

Possess an advanced understanding of intricate statistical methods, advanced machine learning algorithms, or deep learning architectures.

Boast specialization in advanced data science, AI research, custom model development, complex AI architecture design, or the deployment of large-scale AI systems.

Have hands-on experience in configuring or developing Salesforce products.

What can I expect?

Prerequisite Knowledge: There are no pre-certification requirements, though Salesforce recommends obtaining the Salesforce Certified Associate certification.

Exam Content: 40 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions

Time Allotment: 70 minutes

Passing Score: 65%

Registration Fee: 75 USD

Fees for Repeating Exam: FREE!

Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. Click here for more information.

References: No hard copy/online materials can be used as references during the exam.

What topics does the exam cover?

1. AI Fundamentals: 17%

Provide insights into the fundamental principles and practical applications of AI within Salesforce.

Distinguish among various AI types and their respective capabilities.

2. AI Capabilities in CRM: 8%

Identify CRM AI capabilities.

Describe the benefits of AI for CRMs.

3. Ethical Considerations of AI: 39%

Discuss the ethical dilemmas linked to AI, such as human bias in machine learning and issues related to transparency.

Implement Salesforce’s Trusted AI Principles in specified scenarios.

4. Data for AI: 36%

Highlight the significance of data quality.

Outline the elements/components of data quality

Salesforce Admin Certification FAQ

We all know that preparing for an exam is one thing, but actually taking it is an entirely different experience. Even when you feel fully prepared, unexpected surprises may arise. Access Global Group had the opportunity to interview one of our awesome interns who recently took (and passed!) the Salesforce AI Associate exam to see what her experience was like and to offer insight into her perspective on the exam.

How long did you study for?
“I studied parts of the AI Trailhead Trailmix, finished the complete Cert Prep Module, and took the test all within an hour!”

Did you find that you needed any Salesforce admin experience before becoming certified? What experience did you need before getting your certification if you didn’t?
“I personally think that having sat for previous tests was helpful in terms of having familiarity with the wording of the questions and understanding the platform at its most basic level. I believe the Associate exam is a great exam to take first for beginners, and if you’ve previously sat for the Admin or other exams you’ll almost certainly pass this one.”

What resources helped you to become more prepared?
I used the following:

What would you say helped you the most?
“The Salesforce AI Associate Trailmix was very helpful, as well as the interactive flashcards. I think it’s also good to have a general understanding of AI. In addition, the research I conduct as an intern on the latest Salesforce releases, and having attended Dreamforce 2023, which was heavily AI-focused this year, was also helpful.”

What was something you wish you had known before starting the certification process?
“I think knowing even more about AI and its possibilities on the Salesforce platform would have been nice to know. There are so many new and interesting developments that have been launched that I’m still discovering them all!”

What was your biggest challenge?
“Deciding whether or not to take the exam while attending Dreamforce! I only had a matter of hours to decide before the last exam opportunities were closing and I wasn’t sure if I had prepared enough, but I took the chance.”

What are your top tips for success?
“Believe in yourself. Study and make sure you can pass the practice questions before you attempt to take the test. Pace yourself during the test and make sure you read the questions and deduce carefully.”

How has your certification helped you understand Salesforce more?
“It’s helped me understand how much AI can maximize not only the Salesforce platform itself but also user experience and businesses’ ROI. It’s also helped me better understand how AI can be used across a multitude of Salesforce solutions to create a unified customer experience that’s truly impressive.”

Tremaya Reynolds | AGG Intern

Taking the Exam

As the day of the exam draws nearer, it’s normal to feel that all-too-familiar tinge of nervousness (and even self-doubt). But try not to stress – easier said than done, we know! Before taking the exam, take a moment to review any challenging concepts so that they’re fresh in your mind. Having a pen and paper handy can be beneficial for drawing diagrams or visualizing solutions and when faced with multiple-choice questions, pay attention to the question context and use the process of elimination if needed. Try to stay calm and take a deep breath; remember that if you don’t pass on your first try it’s not a failure – only an opportunity to learn more and try again!

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