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Jenna Trott

5 min read | MAY 5, 2023

Salesforce Influencers
Below the flashing neon signs and between the labyrinth of skyscrapers, the city hums with a pulsating energy. Car horns break up the consistent thrum of voices as tinny music climbs its way through a concrete jungle – a cacophony of sounds that serves as the steady heartbeat of a city that never sleeps. In every direction, you’re surrounded by a dizzying array of cultures, languages, and perspectives but despite the chaos, there’s a sense of unity that underlies it all. There’s a shared understanding that we’re all part of this magnificent, ever-evolving tapestry. New York City is a place that rewards the curious, the adventurous, and the bold; a place where creativity thrives and inspiration can strike at any moment. So it’s fitting then, that Salesforce, with its team of innovative minds working together for a shared purpose, should find themselves here as part of their annual World Tour.

The Salesforce World Tour is a gathering of some of the brightest minds in business that takes place in major cities around the world, including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and more. Designed to illuminate the latest trends in sales, marketing, customer service, and other key business areas, the Salesforce World Tour is a must-see event offering attendees a unique inside scoop into the future of Salesforce and the tech landscape at large. This event typically features keynote speeches from Salesforce executives, as well as sessions led by industry experts and Salesforce partners. Attendees can also participate in hands-on workshops and demos, network with other professionals, and explore the latest Salesforce products and solutions. The Salesforce family welcomes World Tour attendees both in-person and virtually, through Salesforce+, but for those who missed out on experiencing this grand event firsthand, fear not! Access Global Group has recapped all the excitement and inspiration for you to browse at your convenience.

2023 Key Speakers
Opening Remarks

The event kicked off with a tremendous gathering of thousands of attendees at the Javits Center, while millions of viewers tuned in from all over the world via the Salesforce+ platform. The keynote not only addressed upcoming event highlights but also set the stage for Salesforce’s direction for the upcoming year. With a continued focus on customer centricity, this year will see AI take center stage as well, promising exciting developments in the Salesforce ecosystem.

NYC’s Javits Center becomes home to the Salesforce World Tour; photo courtesy of Geopointe.

One of the highlights was the announcement of this year’s Golden Hoodie recipient. The Golden Hoodie, introduced by Salesforce in 2016, celebrates the trailblazer community and those who have made significant contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. Recipients of this prestigious award are selected based on their impact within the Salesforce community, which can range from creating innovative apps to providing mentorship to other developers or sharing knowledge through speaking engagements and online forums.

This year’s recipient, Jennifer Cole, is an outstanding problem solver with over a decade of experience in the life sciences industry. Jennifer’s focus is on sales operations, training, and implementing sustainable business solutions that enable teams to achieve greater success. Her trailblazer journey is driven by her passion and backed by the power of the Salesforce community. According to Jennifer, trailblazers are “wonderful creatures” who can be simultaneously students, comrades, and teachers. She encourages others to ask questions fearlessly, as there is nothing that is too messy or junior.

Your Trusted AI Journey Begins Here

In today’s world, AI is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. But Corey Haynes, VP of Financial Services GTM at Salesforce, reassures us that AI is not here to replace us, but rather to help us. By leveraging Salesforce’s AI capabilities and real-time customer data, businesses can personalize and scale their services, leading to increased customer loyalty and exceptional experiences. With the recent announcement of Einstein GPT, Salesforce is poised to completely transform the way businesses interact with their customers, unlocking new opportunities and enabling hyper-personalized experiences that cater to clients’ needs in real time. Salesforce Data Cloud, which combines AI, data, and CRM, allows users to unify customer data from various sources and harmonize it into a single customer graph, which can be used to create personalized experiences in real time. Attendees heard just one of Salesforce’s many success stories: Formula 1, where Salesforce Data Cloud proved instrumental in providing well-coordinated and consistent experiences for fans. Automated chatbots and refined processes allowed F1 to achieve an 86% first-call resolution rate and enabled them to serve even more fans than the previous year, increasing fan satisfaction from 70% to 88%.

What This Means For Financial Services

How can AI help to transform the financial services industry? Two case studies were highlighted today with Ponce Bank and TD Bank.

Ponce Bank
Ponce Bank New is a York-based and Latinx-founded company that works to serve the financial needs of local communities, including small businesses, underserved groups, and immigrant communities. In sitting down with Ponce Bank CEO Carlos Naudon, he described how digital transformation became essential as they realized that providing superior personal services for clients had become very costly. To address this issue, they developed a data transformation strategy to become much more efficient and lower costs, allowing them to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about data accumulation in the back office. Leveraging Salesforce’s AI capabilities, Ponce Bank has been able to create smarter and deeper relationships with customers and prospects, delivering personalized content in real-time at the right moment, while also engaging their audience of underbanked and underserved communities more efficiently. With Salesforce’s support, Ponce Bank has grown to almost $2.5 billion in assets with 270 employees and counting.

TD Bank
TD Bank is a U.S. banking subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank. Known as “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, TD is hyperfocused on providing exceptional customer service and convenience to the people they serve. The Salesforce team sat down with Kenneth Thompson, SVP of TD Bank who describes the company as “client obsessed”. With the help of cutting-edge technology and innovation, TD Bank has identified and resolved over 100 pain points in the client journey. To make this possible, TD Bank has partnered with Salesforce and together, they have created a three-year roadmap that consists of three crucial pillars centered around consolidating data, removing friction from the onboarding process, and connecting disparate systems to paint a more complete picture of their clients. Thanks to Salesforce’s solutions, TD Bank can now access all of its critical data in one place, which has revolutionized the way they onboard clients and expanded their capacity to build stronger client relationships. This transformation has significantly improved the customer experience for both clients and advisors, reflecting TD Bank’s unwavering commitment of putting client needs first and minimizing obstacles in the customer journey.

Salesforce’s generative AI capabilities have positioned the financial services industry to accelerate company growth, reduce costs, and transform customer service. By leveraging AI-powered operations, financial institutions can make informed decisions, provide personalized customer experiences, and uncover valuable insights from their data. Embracing generative AI is key to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, and those that prioritize its adoption will thrive in the future of finance. In short, it’s clear that the financial services industry is headed towards an AI-powered future and those who fail to embrace this technological shift risk falling behind their more innovative competitors.

As the curtains closed on Salesforce World Tour New York City, attendees were left with a resounding message: the future is already here, and those who have yet to embark on their digital transformation journey must start NOW. While every industry has its unique language, Salesforce speaks them all. With Salesforce solutions, companies can unite their disparate islands of information into a data oasis and make intelligent and informed decisions with the power of AI. The result is hyper-personalized interactions from lead to loyalty.

That’s a wrap on Salesforce’s World Tour NYC ’23 – see ya at Dreamforce!

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