Awesome Admin Tips for Productivity

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It’s no secret that Salesforce continually ranks as one of the highest recommended cloud-based software management platforms. It has proven to be an incredibly robust instance with a multitude of tools to promote productivity; but are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are 10 tips for Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins to optimize workflow and boost productivity.

1. Pin List Views

Salesforce offers users insight when clicking onto an object with a “Recently Viewed List,” but if you’re finding that it’s not providing you with valuable insights, you can switch it over to “Default.” For further information on Pinned List views, click here.

2. Utilize Favorites

Similar to the way you can “bookmark” important pages in your web browser, the same can be done in your Salesforce instance. Doing so allows users to minimize the time spent looking for important records to instead access them instantaneously with Salesforce shortcuts. For further information on how to set up a favorites list, click here.

3. Inline Editing in List Views

Irritated with how long it takes to update multiple records inside of Salesforce? Streamline your work processes with inline editing! Salesforce allows users to conveniently edit fields on records directly from a list view. Just select the fields you wish to edit within your list by double clicking on them. For further information on update records inline from a list view in Lightning, click here.

4. Navigation Bar Upgrades

You’re unique, why not personalize your navigation bar to reflect the unique way you work? Users can take control over what is displayed in the navigation bar. The three main features you can control are

  • Rename
  • Reorder
  • Pin list views & records
  • For further information on how to customize your navigation bar, click here.

5. Custom List Views

Speaking of customizations, did you know that you can create a list view to see a specific set of contacts, documents, or other object records? No matter how you slice it, you can organize your data in a way that is easily accessible and best aligns with your tasks. For further information on creating a custom list in Salesforce, click here.

6. Running Reports

When was the last time you ran a report? It may seem like a daunting task but Salesforce makes the process not only painless but quick and easy to do. Running a report offers users intelligent insight into their records and answers some of the biggest questions you may have, like:

  • How long is it taking me to close a deal?
  • Where are my biggest deals coming from?
  • Is there a majority industry I serve?
  • What are my key stats for the month?

These questions and so many more can be answered with valuable data from running a report. For further information on report generation, click here.

7. Global Actions

This feature allows users to log call details, create or update records, or send email, all without leaving the page they’re on. Global Actions serve as a significant time saver for your team and comes in handy when trying to increase productivity. For more information on Global Actions set up, click here.

8. Tasks & Activities

If you’re not already utilizing the tasks and activities functionality of Salesforce, here’s why you should be! Task assignment works to boost productivity by displaying upcoming items that need to be completed for yourself or to be assigned to other users. Additionally useful, activity reminders can be optimized to reflect your personal settings and easily prioritize your time. For further information on tasks and activities in Salesforce, click here.

9. Display Density

Did you know that you can control the density of your display? Salesforce makes it easy for users to control their screen layout. Two options, “Comfortable” and “Compact” will change the amount of information shown on the screen at once, which is great for those wanting to maximize the amount of data that’s visible. For more information on controlling display density, click here.

10. Kanban View

Kanban view offers users a graphical view of records in a list view. This means that you can view records of different stages grouped together with little clutter and confusion. Easily track and monitor your work with a clean visual summary. For further information on setting up Kanban, click here.

We hope these tips will help you to prioritize your workflow and become more productive in 2022, but if you need further guidance on the best way to maximize your Salesforce investment, visit

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