Calyx Point and Salesforce


In an age where technology continues to accelerate, it’s critical to keep an eye out for new products, services and applications that can aid in your business’ growth. If you haven’t heard of Calyx Point, they are a driving force in the financial services industry as a Loan Origination System (LOS) platform for mortgage brokers. Point has a multitude of benefits including:


So, what does this mean for Salesforce users?
On their own, Salesforce and Calyx Point are two incredibly robust systems, and together? It creates an unstoppable force of efficiency and productivity for your team. A Salesforce x Calyx Point integration:

  • Allows prospects to flow directly from your site straight to your CRM with ease
  • Offers employees a 360 degree view of where their leads are going and what’s slowing down closings
  • Intelligent loan insight
  • Loan statuses
  • Plus so much more

Okay, but what does this really mean?
Simplified data management means:


Think of it this way, Calyx Point is the encyclopedia of mortgage and lending, and Salesforce reads it for you to present you with the most critical information at every stage of the client cycle; making an integration of Calyx Point with Salesforce pivotal for mortgage and lending industries.

If you’re looking for a simple one-directional flow of information from Calyx into Salesforce it helps to have a Salesforce expert who is experienced in successful integrations. However, the market continues to become saturated with Salesforce consultants and it can be hard to differentiate which company is a good fit for your team. Access Global Group has built a reputation as a client-centric organization which is reflected in our G2 and AppExchange ratings. With over 500 integrations and counting, AGG has developed a unique project methodology that allows an integration to align with the nuances of your business. We can integrate Calyx in a way that promotes efficiency on an individual level as well as throughout your organization. For more information on a Calyx Point integration with Salesforce visit

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