Everything You Know About Account Executives Is Wrong

Jenna Trott

5 min read | NOVEMBER 30, 2022


Salesforce has grown exponentially in recent years, with over 150,000 Salesforce customers worldwide and a record setting fourth quarter and full year fiscal results in 2022. While this monumental growth is wonderful, it creates an ecosystem that is larger than the total addressable markets of numerous tech markets. Thus, Salesforce benefits greatly from trusted advisors who deeply understand the Salesforce platform to work closely with their current and prospective customers to understand their unique challenges and goals. But Salesforce isn’t the only ones who benefit from Account Executives, the AE’s benefit from this relationship too! Here’s everything you may have gotten wrong about this lucrative career.

Account Executives Just Support Accounts

Yes, Account Executives support accounts, but they offer so much more than that. Salesforce Account Executives are leaders, innovators, and team players — to name a few. AE’s provide a strong foundation to a client’s journey with Salesforce and inspire confidence to not only begin using a Salesforce product, but succeed with it.

Account Executives Just Sell Salesforce Products

AE’s have the ability to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Account Executives with Salesforce have the opportunity to directly influence the growth of the company. It’s not just “pushing products.” AE’s look at the companies and communities they serve to determine how they can best help them achieve a digital transformation. This involves listening to specific pain points and strategizing with the client on which solutions make the most sense for what they hope to achieve. The solutions that are presented are careful and highly curated to each client’s unique circumstances and business models.

Account Executives Stick to Their Assigned Territories

Of course, Account Executives assume responsibility for the territories in which they are assigned and help to ensure consistent success for the companies they serve; but AE’s also go above and beyond. Account Executives help to energize and facilitate new business opportunities, they not only help find but help close new business contracts. Further, AE’s take steps to eliminate competition by doing their research on what the competition offers and evaluate ways to minimize any gaps in your own offerings.

Account Executives Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Account Executives should always prioritize customer satisfaction, but this is more than just engaging your client in ways that you can improve your services. Rather, Account Executives should reach a point of anticipating their customer’s needs and pain points before the customer is aware of them. This involves a high level of analysis to project future obstacles and offer solutions before the problem even occurs.

Account Executives Experience a Plateau in Growth

This couldn’t be further from the truth! The level of valuable assets that a Salesforce AE provides is vast, but with the right partnership, they can go even further. Access Global Group has been working with Salesforce Account Executives for 10 years and have developed a working relationship that is truly beneficial for AE’s. If you’re a Salesforce Account Executive who’s looking for a way to supplement your new or active client growth efforts and climb to new heights, here’s why you should consider a partnership with Access Global Group:

Best Practices

Access Global Group has successfully completed over 1,500 Salesforce projects and has experience with over 500 Salesforce integrations— making there very few obstacles we have yet to encounter. With an AGG partnership, we bring to the table best practices and customer insights from similar projects to assure client success. Best practices are a priority for our team; we take the time to get to know our customers as they are the experts of their business. Salesforce knows their industry-specific software solutions and AGG has a good understanding of both.

Client-Centered Performance Model

The client experience is paramount. By establishing a relationship with the client team early in the process, AGG becomes an integral mechanism in the decision-making process and a trusted resource. We work together with Salesforce to understand the clients’ goals and budgetary expectations as early in the process as possible. This enables us to design highly curated solutions to effectively achieve those goals without compromising company values. Early alignment with the client’s team also allows us to eliminate any unnecessary assumptions and surprises in terms of implementing the solution.

Premier Customizations

There are lots of businesses out there like yours but none that are truly you. Businesses deserve solutions that conform to their best practices and standards, not the other way around. By building client trust out of the gate as a unified team alongside Salesforce, we work together to serve the client’s best interest. AGG begins the process by actively listening to what the customer is solving for and provides flexible recommendations to align with their business resources. Then, in tandem with the Salesforce team, we work to solve customers’ challenges while balancing the best ways to optimize opportunity cycles and revenue generation. In taking the time to understand the company, we can customize tools to meet their individual business needs while guiding them through industry standards and best practices.

Maximize ROI

The decision to implement Salesforce is a big one, so we want to make sure that your company is prepared. AGG utilizes the benefits of SMEs (subject-matter experts), to assist clients with varying comfort levels to better understand their business and help make informed decisions about their system. With 15 years of experience in Salesforce integrations and implementations, AGG has extensive knowledge of common core systems. This makes it easy to illustrate to customers the benefits of leveraging Salesforce as their single source of entry and further employ it as their wheelhouse for software and tools. AGG is always on the lookout for additional ways customers can leverage the Salesforce platform and potentially sunset older tools for our clients to further increase their ROI with the platform. Our teams work side-by-side with Salesforce AEs to understand the mutual growth plans established with their clients and support those initiatives by illustrating how those goals can be implemented and the value they will provide.

Staff Augmentation

Do you have clients who like to manage their own internal IT team and deliverables? AGG offers staff augmentation that is both seamless and flexible to provide clients with resources at rates and time commitments that work for them. We’ll do the hard work for you by sourcing, screening, and deploying Salesforce-skilled staff to your client’s team. By implementing a person who specializes in SFDC, it allows employees to focus on their assigned tasks while the Salesforce project is deployed and maintained by experts. This creates an environment that allows company expansion without having to sacrifice any other sectors of business, saving you time and money long-term. Whether the need is to ramp up the client team for a new implementation or if they need product growth specialists (Exp Cloud, CPQ, Marketing, Pardot, etc.) AGG has you covered.

Product Offerings/Accelerators

Not only is AGG an expert in all things SFDC, we also help clients stay astride the latest industry trends by offering products that support continuous system innovations. With multiple upgrades per year, our customers have the most state-of-the-art solutions on the market. To learn more about our current product offerings, visit Access Commissions for an easy solution to customize commission plan settings to best suit organizational goals; or Access QuickBooks for a seamless connection between Salesforce and Quickbooks to automate accounting processes, minimize errors and get your time back.

Account Executives have so much to offer and are critical pillars within the Salesforce community. If you’re an AE who’s looking for a way to supplement your new or active client growth efforts and climb to new heights, consider a partnership with Access Global Group. An AE partnership with AGG offers many things, but at its core, it helps to clearly define your path for success and further enrich your experience working with Salesforce systems and clients. Whatever your goals are, go further with Access Global Group.

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