Hard Work Made Simple with
Access QuickBooks

Hard Work Made Simple

How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk wasting time with repetitive manual work when you could be focusing your energy in areas that facilitate growth? As your business continues to grow, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the manual upkeep of data in Salesforce and Quickbooks. On their own, both applications provide useful tools for tracking data and customer information, but flipping between the two can quickly become an inefficient use of time as you try to manage further business development with laborious data upkeep.

Access Quickbooks from Access Global Group acknowledges that problem and provides an intelligent solution that works to simplify the accounting process so you can focus on the projects that matter most. 100% native to Salesforce, Access Quickbooks establishes a seamless connection between Salesforce and Quickbooks to automate accounting operations, minimize errors and get your time back.

This application was created to address the individual application drawbacks of both Salesforce and Quickbooks such as manual and duplicative efforts. Access Quickbooks offers automation of key work processes, including: invoices, payments, inventory management, workflows, and data entry to minimize the time spent on tedious manual work. Access Quickbooks also syncs critical information between Salesforce and Quickbooks, such as: Account/Contact, Product, Opportunity, Customer/Contact, Item (Service, Inventory, Non-inventory) and Transactions (Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Estimate) to ensure that all of your valuable information is in one location.

Accurate data is the driving force behind a successful company, which is why Access Global Group prioritized precision accuracy in the creation of this application. Along with having a centralized dashboard that provides a 360 degree view of real-time data updates, Access Quickbooks’ direct syncs from Salesforce to Quickbooks reduces errors resulting from manual and double data entries. This ensures that users are receiving the most reliable information, every time. Whether it’s taking payments, managing financial data, paying bills, producing payroll, entering invoices, or accepting wire transfers or checks, Access QuickBooks can help to empower your accounting team.

What are you waiting for? Transform your business today! For further information on pricing and setup, reach out to one of our valued experts at Access Global Group. We look forward to helping your organization work better together, today.

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