Hard Work Made Simple

Hard Work Made Simple
How often do you find yourself overwhelmed with work processes that are repetitive and time consuming? Picture this, two hours of work quickly turned into eight and before you know it, it’s time to clock out, but those commission calculations you swore you’d get to are left untouched. What if there was a solution that automates repetitive tasks in a way that’s intelligently tailored to your industry’s needs and offers precision accuracy with only a few clicks? Access Global Group has been hard at work to create a product that does exactly that and today, we are excited to share that product with you. Introducing: Access Commissions, the commission app that is 100% native to Salesforce.

This application was designed to solve the common problem of overly complex commission calculations; it gives users the ability to customize their commission plan settings to
best suit their organizational goals and can be managed based on employee-, group-, or individual-specific commissions. Access Commissions is intuitive, so it can be configured for any industry. Once installed, the app offers an easy to navigate interface that allows users to take back control of their commission plans and structures.

Key Features

  • Easily keep track of generated, paid, and submitted commissions, customizable by date, plan, and users.
  • Pre-built plans like Entry Criteria, Commission Payout Rules, Schedule Criteria, Commissions, and Assigned Users to get you started. Each is further
  • customizable for your specific needs – no coding required.
  • Pre-built reports for most anticipated business needs, such as Commissions by Month, Quarter, Year and so much more.
  • Automated data that’s updated in real-time, offering users key insight into the most reliable information every time.
  • Centralized dashboard housing critical information across channels.

As more companies make the move to a fully digital workforce, they can find themselves struggling to manage the intricacies of effective technology while also continuing to grow their business. At Access Global Group, we understand that a lot goes into running a thriving company during the digital age, which is why we want to give you the tools you need to be successful. We’re currently offering Access Commissions for free, only limited by number of users and number of commission plans. So what’re you waiting for? Take back control of your commission plans with Access Commissions. Reach out to one of our team members to start streamlining your work processes today.

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