How to Effectively #WFH

How to Effectively-WFH
Many companies moved to a fully remote or hybrid working model over the last year and with more than half of businesses globally offering some capacity of remote work, it seems like working from home is here to stay. Whether your office is in your dining room, guest bedroom or at your kitchen table, here’s how to make working from home work for you.

Create a Routine

It can be hard to establish a routine when first starting out and sticking to that routine can be even harder. Doing simple things like getting dressed as you would for going into an office, making a pot of coffee, or starting your day with a jog, can help you start your day focused and stay on track.

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Setting Boundaries

Depending on who you live with, working from home can have a lot of distractions. Whether it’s roommates, spouses or children, it’s important to communicate boundaries. Make sure you establish clear rules about quiet times in a shared space to promote focus and productivity.

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Schedule Breaks

It can be challenging to work where you live, having no clear distinction between work times and rest times can feel overwhelming and even claustrophobic. It’s important to allow yourself time to step away from your work space and take time away from the house. Set a reminder to get outside, go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee or meet up with a friend to break up your day.

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Beginning any new discipline can be challenging but practice makes perfect. We hope this guide can help you to cultivate a more productive work environment and set you on your way to being a #WFH pro.

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