Spring into Salesforce ‘22

Attention all #AwesomeAdmins! The Salesforce’s Spring ‘22 Release countdown is officially ON!
Here are some important dates you’ll want to put on your calendar.

December 16th

On this day, admins can sign up for a pre-release org to explore all of the exciting features that Spring ‘22 has to offer. This includes access to a Developer Edition Environment where you can freely build, learn and become more comfortable with the upcoming release.

December 22nd

Release notes will be live on December 22nd. This is an important day to pay attention to as it will cover condensed but comprehensive descriptions of the new features that will be released. This will also include tips and best practices to ensure your success with the new release.

January 6th

To be sure you’re able to get access to the sandbox preview, be sure that you have an active sandbox on a preview instance before January 6, 2021. For help with this, visit: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000357271&type=1

January 7th

Get ready to play in the sand! If you’ve decided to utilize the sandbox preview, you’ll be able to test all the new features without interfering with your live instance. As an added bonus, the sandbox works in accordance with your current working model, so you’ll be able to experience it in its most genuine form to your processes.

January 7th

January 7th is a big day! Not only will you have access to the sandbox preview, but the Spring ‘22 release site will go live. This will include release highlights as well as Trailhead Modules to provide a quick and easy way to become familiar with all the new features this release has to offer. In addition, demo videos and community support groups will go live to help with a seamless transition.

January 10th

Release Overview Deck (ROD) and Release Matrix are live on this day. ROD allows you to create internal training for users, review setup screens, and learn how to use the new Spring ‘22 features. The Release Matrix offers a quick insight into which features will affect your users.


Mark your calendar with these dates:

January 14th
February 4th
February 11th

For a lucky few, your instance may upgrade as early as January 14th, but for most it will occur between February 4th – 11th. You can find out more info about upgrade times by visiting https://status.salesforce.com/.

February 4th – February 11th

Release Readiness LIVE! Mark your calendars to learn from the product management team as they discuss and demonstrate the Spring ‘22 new features. You’ll get a first hand look at how these features function in real-time and get a glimpse into the roadmap for 2022. If you can’t attend, the multi-day event can be watched on-demand.

Stay tuned for more important updates on the Spring ‘22 release with Access Global Group!

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