Thank You, Salesforce!

Jenna Trott

5 min read | NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Thanksgiving is about coming together with family, friends, loved ones and neighbors over good food and good conversation. But it’s also a time for reflection about what we’re thankful for. Over the past couple of weeks, Access Global Group has shared some of the things that we’re grateful for, like Salesforce Automation features, implementation specialists, and of course — our amazing clients! We’re also thankful for our incredible team members, who are in many ways the driving force behind AGG. We had the chance to sit down with some of these incredible people to find out what it is about Salesforce that they’re thankful for this year!

“I am thankful that Salesforce is increasing its automation tools for Admins. That’s what makes us Admins amazing. I am thankful that Salesforce has provided me with a way to pull my family out of poverty in a profession that I truly enjoy.” – Leah Gustafson

“I have so much appreciation for Salesforce. The drive and innovative solutions provide huge value for all businesses. I’m thankful for the new technologies that Salesforce is investing in and continually striving for a more efficient path for all. I’m thankful for the overall value and efficiencies across the board and the ability to enhance relationships.”

“I am grateful for Salesforce AE’s partner-first mentality. Nothing is better than working as a team to keep clients happy.”
“I’m grateful for Salesforce because of the ease of use it brings when moving potential clients through the pipeline and the ability to track all Sales Material right in front of you.” – Austin Smith
“I am thankful that Salesforce is like Play Doh, meaning we can mold (configure) the system in numerous ways to help our clients, in many different industries, save time and money due to the automations and work flows that can be created.”
“I’m extremely grateful for the Salesforce MVPs. The marketing team has had the pleasure of working with Salesforce MVPs this year and they continuously provide value to the Salesforce community through their expertise. As a marketer, having access to industry experts is invaluable. Thank you MVPs for being so friendly and open to the Salesforce community.” – John Hall
“I’m grateful for Salesforce’s customer focus and customer-oriented thinking. They made it an all-in-one ecosystem by linking areas such as customer service, marketing, sales, and account management. Thank you for making your platform adaptable and intuitive. Thank you for providing us with countless options with various apps that are easy to navigate and use (AppExchange).” – Elisa Cruickshank
“I am grateful that I am a part of introducing and optimizing the most powerful CRM on the planet.” – Tom Reicher
“I am grateful for Salesforce for so many reasons. Salesforce has enhanced my life and our company’s teams lives by making technology easy. The seemingly-easy funnel of all our data, from each and every department into an easy to resource format. This leads to easier workflows, easier points of contact and more robust outreach. AGG gets to be a ‘life-giver’ when delivering each instance, simplifying lives of all Salesforce touches.” – Kara Hughes
“I’m thankful for all the ways that Salesforce brings people together, both within the community and across businesses. The Salesforce Ohana will always lend a helping hand to those who ask!” – Jenna Trott
“I am grateful for Salesforce for many reasons – on the personal front it has enabled me to pursue a career path that allows for me to constantly learn new technology, and to learn about a plethora of businesses and organizations in order to help them leverage Salesforce. On the work front, Salesforce has enabled me to develop a centralized and simplified system for hundreds of organizations, allowing technology to take care of redundant tasks and processes, and enabling business leaders to focus on what matters most – building relationships and seeing quantifiable results!” – Sara Davis
“I’m thankful for the Salesforce AppExchange which gives us access to thousands of secure and verified applications built by other Salesforce users to supplement systems and take customizations to the next level.”

There’s a lot that makes Salesforce so great. From their plans to create 9.3 million new jobs and 1.6 trillion dollars in new revenue by 2026, to being ranked as the world’s best CRM for their ninth consecutive year, there is so much to be thankful for. But beyond the ways that Salesforce contributes to the economy, the ways that Salesforce simplifies work processes and the ways that Salesforce maximizes revenue, Salesforce brings people together. The culture they’ve built and the values they lead by help companies succeed and ensure that we’re brought along for the journey, because with Salesforce, everyone wins! So from new users to admins, architects, MVPs and beyond – THANK YOU SALESFORCE for all that you do!

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