The Top 5 Secrets of Successful People

The Top 5 Secrets of Successful People-Acsgbl

When you think of successful people, who comes to mind? Steve Jobs? Albert Einstein? Elon Musk? Bill Gates? How success is measured varies from person to person, and oftentimes we become so transfixed by the ones who have achieved wild amounts of success, that we neglect to stop and think how we can get there too. Regardless of what your goals are, these 5 tricks can help you to dig deep and become more successful.

1. Start Smart

Many people think that the path to success begins at your desk each morning. But realistically, it should start much sooner. Setting yourself up for a productive work day means you should go to bed early to ensure that you’re well rested. Make sure that you have a nourishing breakfast and before you sit down to actually begin your work, map out what tasks you can realistically accomplish for the day and prioritize them by urgency.

2. Take Your Lunch Break

Did you know that humans can realistically stay focused and productive for 90 minute intervals before becoming physiological fatigued? Too often we ignore our bodies urges signaling burnout by overriding it with caffeine, but research has proven that working longer hours doesn’t equate to higher levels of productivity – in fact it’s the opposite. Studies have shown that working in 90 minute bursts followed by a 5 to 15 minute break can drastically improve the quality and quantity of your work. It may be tempting to work through your lunch break as a way to try and get ahead of schedule or to work on overdue items, but taking that break is essential for recharging and thus allowing you to come back to work with renewed motivation.

3. Track Your Time
Wait, you spent how many hours on administrative tasks this week? We live in a fast-paced world and it can be easy to let hours slip away without being aware of what it was actually spent on. Consider mapping out the tasks you complete and how much time it takes to complete them during your work week to evaluate areas of improvement. This allows you to reflect on your tasks, re-prioritize them and identify goals you’d like to achieve based on where you’re currently at.

4. To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are a common productivity tool, but how often do you stick to it, reevaluate and update it? At the end of the work day, create a list of tasks you want to accomplish for the following day to not only alleviate anxieties but to establish a clear agenda for yourself. Additionally, identifying a to-do list for the month and year can help you to uncover the best course of action to take you to your overarching goals.

5. Never Stop Learning

Someone once said, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Don’t take knowledge for granted! We live in an unprecedented time where education and information is just a click away, take advantage of it! Often, the most successful people are the ones who acknowledge that there is always something to learn and seek out new opportunities to expand their knowledge in a certain industry or expertise. Knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from you – stay curious!

Highly successful people know that it isn’t about counting hours, it’s about making the hours count. No matter the stage of your professional journey, there is never a wrong time to start bettering yourself. We hope you find that implementing these 5 tricks will help you to reach your goals!

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