Complimentary Salesforce Organization Assessment

To demonstrate confidence in our ability as Salesforce Partners, we’re offering you the following complimentary service:

A Salesforce organization assessment and roadmap session with our expert consultants

“Just like having to go to the doctor for routine maintenance checkups, your Salesforce organization needs the same. For all of 2022, we are offering this service for free, and we think that it may help you in your contingency planning. If there’s one thing last year taught us, it’s that business agility is of paramount importance.” Vamsi Bollineni CEO | Access Global Group

Unlock the potiential of your
Salesforce investment today!

The Salesforce Organizational Assessment Includes:

  • Alignment Preperation Session
  • Optimizer Reporting Guidance & Understanding
  • 1-2 hour Salesforce Org Walk-through with Certified Consultants
  • Best Practices & Business Goals Review
  • Salesforce Findings/Recommendations & 2022 Road-Map
  • Of course, there is no obligation for this service. We only
    hope that if we do a great job up-front, you may wish to
    leverage us for future service work.
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Salesforce Assessment

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