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How Anthem Revamped Their Customer Support Solution with AGG

Anthem provides healthcare throughout the U.S. and is the largest for-profit managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As of 2018, BCBS has over 40 million members nationwide.






Atlanta, Georgia


5000+ Employees


Service Cloud, Platform & Community


Salesforce Challenges

Anthem faced the following Salesforce Challenges

  • Current email case support system is cumbersome and manual.
  • Support process is complex.
  • Moving agents from call to email support is a complex process since agent skill reallocation/updating could not be done in the email support system.
  • Support email system was integrated with security system; replacing one would require changing both.
  • System could not change page layout dynamically when case type was changed.
  • Agents could not resolve cases efficiently.

Salesforce Solutions

Anthem Salesforce Solution Provided by Access Global group

  • Implemented Service Cloud with following to support Agents
    • Custom Service Cloud Consoles
    • Support process
    • Process automation
    • Knowledge articles
    • Solutions
    • Cases are created/defined by type, plan family and other key factors
  • Email to case to support 100 support email Id’s.
  • Implemented agent custom skill assignment console for managers.
  • Implemented Email Case Queues based on the priority.
  • Created Reports & Dashboards to track case SLA’s & KPI.

Salesforce Results

Anthem Salesforce Results with Access Global Group

  • Cases are now created through email IDs.
  • Agents are assigned to cases dynamically based the on priority and agent profile.
  • Manual work is now reduced and optimized.
  • When needed, support managers can now reassign agents to high traffic case queues.
  • Case resolution times are now consistently meeting KPIs.
  • Agents are now able to see multiple components of data on one screen.
  • Leadership has clear visibility in to reports and dashboards to measure ROI.


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%
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