Integrated & Implemented All Their Systems With Salesforce

Cadence Bank (formerly State Bank & Trust) is a regional bank with 98 branches in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee covering commercial, business and personal banking services. State Bank & Trust experienced rapid growth, acquiring 12 banks in 3 years and needed support for these acquisitions including merging systems, CTI and efficient ways to communicate company-wide.


Financial Services Banking


3,500+ Employees

HQ Office

Houston, Texas

Services Performed For Cadence Bank

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Integration

CTI Implementation

AMC/Cisco Integration

Chatter Implementation

IBM Integration

Jack Henry Implementation

Reports & Dashboards Implementation

Product Services Included 

Financial Services Cloud





Jack Henry

Salesforce Challenges

Cadence Bank experienced the following Salesforce challenges.

Sales team did have a lead management system.

Sales team did have a lead opportunity system.

Existing sales systems did not integrate with customer master data systems.

No Computer Telephony Integration.

No file repository.

Problems integrating with Legacy financial systems.

No unique serialization for accounts across all 12 banks acquired.

No standard sales system/process across.

Reporting is very time consuming.

Call centers had lot of limitations.

CSR management was complicated in peak seasons.

Systems are very manual.

Salesforce Solutions

AGG provided the following Salesforce Solutions to Cadence Bank.

Custom Development, custom Pages, and system configuration.

Implemented Computer Telephony Integration using AM adapters & Cisco backend.

Setup Chatter & Files for internal communication & file storage.

Built custom integrations with IBM main frames and Jack Henry (Financial) system to sync data into Salesforce so sales could use.

Integrations to upsell related products.

Integrated Salesforce with over 20 systems.

Recreated the sales process. With automated workflows & approval processes.

AMC/Cisco telecom system is implemented & integrated with Salesforce.

Created a structure for CSR to work remotely from home in peak seasons.

Reports & Dashboards are implemented.

Salesforce Results

Cadence Bank experienced the following Salesforce results.

Sales now able to manage all sales-related information in one place.

Calls are now made from Salesforce and activities are auto-logged.

Chatter used company-wide for internal collaboration & sharing files.

Customer data can now be accessed from synced IBM Main Frames and Jack Henry (Financial) system.

Synced customer data now helps the sales team upsell related products to customers.

Visibility to the executive team is high trough new sales process/Pipeline.

AMC/Cisco telecom system integrations cleared 99% of their limitations.

Managing CSR’s in peak season got lot easier.

Reporting is real-time.

Awarded, Trusted & Proven to Deliver Salesforce Results!

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