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Mesirow Financial

How Access Global Group Improved Mesirow Financial’s Sales Process

Mesirow Financial is a leading, independent financial services firm with expertise in investment, risk management, and advisory services. The company fosters a collaborative culture to develop tailored solutions to their clients. The company had multiple systems for various information types that could not integrate so valuable information was unavailable at critical sales points. The sales process was limited and inefficient.


Mesirow Financial


Financial Sector


Chicago, Illinois


600+ Employees


Sales Cloud


Salesforce Challenges

Mesirow Financial faced the following Salesforce Challenges.

  • Customer data was siloed in multiple systems.
  • Reports were confined to the individual systems and took a great amount of time to consolidate.
  • Customer data was not integrated with sales.
  • There was no way to access the current services received by customers.
  • All systems were manual.
  • Lack of team communication.
  • Sales could not run campaigns on leads.
  • Sales process was long and cumbersome.
  • The existing system was limited by size.

Salesforce Solutions

Mesirow Financial’s Salesforce Solution Provided By Access Global Group.

  • The AGG team implemented and integrated all external systems into Sales Cloud, creating a single source of truth for customer data.
  • Set up Chatter & Files for streamlined internal communication and file storage.
  • Customized Sales Cloud to align with overarching company goals.
  • Implemented a custom system configuration to optimize work processes and boost Sales team efficiency.
  • Implemented campaigns for sales reps, removing the need for email blasts.
  • Automated workflows and approval processes to save reps critical time.

Salesforce Results

Mesirow Financial’s Salesforce Results with Access Global Group Services.

  • Sales-related information is now accessible to sales & executive teams in one location.
  • Sales process is now driven by the Salesforce system.
  • Reports are now available real-time.
  • Chatter used company-wide for internal collaboration & sharing files.
  • Sales team can track emails sent from campaigns.
  • Customer data can now be used by the sales team to access services that were sold in the past helping to upsell related products.
  • The new sales process and pipeline give the executive team a new understanding of strengths and needs of the sales team.


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%
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