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How Access Global Group
Improved Millennium Trust’s
Ability to Serve Their Customers
Millennium Trust was established in 2000 and focuses
on unique IRA custody solutions. They are known for
their ability to solve for the most complex IRA custody
requirements. Millennium Trust’s ability to serve their
clients was seriously hampered by their current setup
when client service is central to their business. Partners
were not able to perform up to their ability due to a lack
of an adequate referral system and secure documents.


Millennium Trust Company


Directed Custodianship


Chicago, Illinois

Company size

300+ Employees

Salesforce Services

Salesforce, DocuSign, Conga

The Challenge

Millennium Trust faced the following Salesforce Challenges
  • Clients were not easily able to roll over their existing plans to Millennium Trust.
  • Current solution for partners to refer clients was slow and inefficient.
  • No secure way to share scanned copies of contracts.
  • There was no way to track progress of the partners or clients.

The Solution

Millennium’s Salesforce Solution Provided By Access Global Group.
  • Developed a custom portal as a Salesforce Site, includes login functionality for authorized partners only.
  • Portal also included several special features including auto population of partner information on agreements.
  • Ability to send clients a link where they can complete the required forms.
  • Ability to select custom negotiated agreements which are then sent using DocuSign.
  • Created a guest access mode for one-time clients to fill information and request services agreement using DocuSign.
  • Overall timeline tracking of process set up inside Salesforce by capturing data points and sending appropriate
      automated follow ups so the client process can be completed

The Results

Millenium’s Salesforce Results with Access Global Group Services.
  • Partner experience has been greatly improved and has led to an increase in referrals.
  • Overall process is now transparent and has led to growth in numbers of completed contracts following referrals.
  • Guest access digital solution has improved the overall conversion of web leads into plan agreements.
  • The client service experience is now enhanced and greatly improved.


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%

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