Integrated & Migrated Systems for Centralized Real-Time Data

Stericycle is a global services company. They provide highly specialized solutions serving healthcare organizations and commercial businesses of every size and shape. For almost 30 years, they have grown from a small start-up in medical waste management into a leader across a range of increasingly complex and highly regulated arenas, such as brand protection, solutions, environmental & sustainable solutions, patient & customer communication solutions, regulated waste management & compliance solutions and secure information destruction. Stericycle acquired over 400 companies.


Environmental Services


6,000+ Employees

HQ Office

Bannockburn, Illinois

Services Performed For Stericycle

Sales Cloud Implementation

Custom Cloud Implementation

Commissions Implementation

Salesforce Integration

Custom Components

Product Services Included 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Custom Cloud

Access Commissions

Salesforce Einstein AI

Salesforce Challenges

Stericycle experienced the following Salesforce results.

Sales commission for LQ, SQ and MQ teams was on the SQL database & accounting system making data difficult to access.

Commission logic needs to be restructured based on acquired data.

Sales team was not able to see accumulated commission when needed.

Commissions based on services sold couldn’t be accessed in a single report.

Reports and working hours needed to be consolidated.

Opportunity Stages were not differentiated by service.

System was not driving the process – process was manual.

Too many systems to manage from acquisitions.

Salesforce Solutions

AGG provided the following Salesforce Solutions to Stericycle.

Implemented Sales Cloud & Custom Cloud.

Created new sales commission structure based on LQ, SQ and MQ teams, regions & customer tiers.

Created custom pages for better sales flow.

Defined new sales process with Opportunity Stages based on services.

Built custom components so the system drives the process in each stage by assigning tasks or next steps.

Created multiple reports.

Integrated with billing system to retrieve data once payments are received.

Migrated & Integrated multiple Salesforce instances from 8 acquisitions (Appletree Answering services, Beryl Health, Notify MD, Shred-it,…) of Stericycle.

Restructured the processes to work productively after the migration & integration of the systems from acquisitions.

Salesforce Results

Stericycle experienced the following Salesforce results.

All commissions are being calculated real-time on Salesforce.

Sales process is seamless and fast across all services sold.

KPI’s have improved now that the system is driving the process and alerting managers if the tasks are not completed as expected.

Data is accessible real-time through reports.

Data is synced real-time between Salesforce and billing system.

Integrated & Migrated systems from acquisitions are working seamlessly.

Reporting is real-time.

One process is implemented across all the business inherited from acquisitions.

Awarded, Trusted & Proven to Deliver Salesforce Results!

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