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How Stericycle Processes into Salesforce with AGG.

Stericycle is a global services company. They provide highly specialized solutions serving healthcare organizations and commercial businesses of every size and shape. For almost 30 years, they have grown from a small start-up in medical waste management into a leader across a range of increasingly complex and highly regulated arenas, such as brand protection, solutions, environmental & sustainable solutions, patient & customer communication solutions, regulated waste management & compliance solutions and secure information destruction. Stericycle acquired over 400 companies.




Environmental Services


Bannockburn, IL


6000+ Employees


Custom, Sales Cloud


Salesforce Challenges

Stericycle faced the following Salesforce Challenges

  • Sales commission for LQ, SQ and MQ teams was on the SQL database & accounting system making data difficult to access.
  • Commission logic needs to be restructured based on acquired data.
  • Sales team was not able to see accumulated commission when needed.
  • Commissions based on services sold couldn’t be accessed in a single report.
  • Reports and working hours needed to be consolidated.
  • Opportunity Stages were not differentiated by service.
  • System was not driving the process – process was manual.
  • Too many systems to manage from acquisitions.

Salesforce Solutions

Stericycle Salesforce Solution Provided By Access Global Group

  • Implemented Sales Cloud & Custom Cloud.
  • Created new sales commission structure based on LQ, SQ and MQ teams, regions & customer tiers.
  • Created custom pages for better sales flow.
  • Defined new sales process with Opportunity Stages based on services.
  • Built custom components so the system drives the process in each stage by assigning tasks or next steps.
  • Created multiple reports.
  • Integrated with billing system to retrieve data once payments are received.
  • Migrated & Integrated multiple Salesforce instances from 8 acquisitions (Appletree Answering services, Beryl Health, Notify MD, Shred-it,…) of Stericycle.
  • Restructured the processes to work productively after the migration & integration of the systems from acquisitions.

Salesforce Results

Stericycle Salesforce Results with Access Global Group Services

  • All commissions are being calculated real-time on Salesforce.
  • Sales process is seamless and fast across all services sold.
  • KPI’s have improved now that the system is driving the process and alerting managers if the tasks are not completed as expected.
  • Data is accessible real-time through reports.
  • Data is synced real-time between Salesforce and billing system.
  • Integrated & Migrated systems from acquisitions are working seamlessly.
  • Reporting is real-time.
  • One process is implemented across all the business inherited from acquisitions.


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%
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