A Perfect Pair: FIS and Salesforce, Redefining the Banking Landscape

Jenna Trott  |  JUNE 26, 2023  |  5 Minute Read


Banks look after their members – they’re there to help them manage finances, help then take out a loan for their first home, and they’re there to help set up a child’s first savings account. But who is there to help banks? These days, banks are expected to provide exceptional service and interact with members in real time, 24/7, on any device. But many banks are falling short when attempting to deliver a consistently remarkable member experience. Recent studies emphasize the importance of personalization, with 79% of consumers being compelled to switch banks if they find one that better fits their needs. Yet, a staggering 94% of financial institutions are still unable to deliver on the “personalization promise”. So, the question arises: What measures can be taken to bridge this gap and elevate the member experience to unprecedented heights? Today we’ll be delving into how FIS and Salesforce integration can help maximize your banking capabilities, redefine what’s possible for your financial institution, and ultimately attract customers that will stay for life.

FIS – what do they do?

FIS, formerly known as Fidelity National Information Services, is recognized for providing cutting-edge technology solutions and services to the banking industry. In a time where innovation and technology are critical aspects for financial institutions, FIS helps businesses cement their place in a fast-paced digital market. FIS offers superior core banking systems, acting as the heart of banks’ daily operations. Recognizing the unique requirements and challenges faced by banks, FIS has crafted a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions. These solutions cater to the diverse needs of the banking ecosystem, enabling institutions to enhance operational efficiency, elevate the customer experience, manage risks effectively, and drive sustainable growth. Features include:

Payment Solutions to empower banks with diverse payment options like card payments, mobile payments, and online payments, while safeguarding them against fraudulent transactions.

Risk Management and Compliance solutions to support banks in navigating evolving regulatory requirements, help mitigate risks associated with financial transactions, and adhere to anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) protocols.

Superior Digital Banking to support mobile banking apps, internet banking portals, and digital wallets, empowering customers to conveniently access their accounts, conduct transactions, and manage their finances simply and efficiently.

Intelligent Insights that enable banks to extract valuable insights from their data; empowering the team to make data-driven decisions, gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and uncover new growth opportunities.

Comprehensive Wealth Management solutions including portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services; seamlessly facilitating the delivery of personalized wealth management services.

On its own, FIS positions itself at the forefront of banking technology, helping financial institutions to redefine success with elevated customer service and operational excellence. But what about when it’s paired with Salesforce?

FIS and Salesforce – How Integration Can Transform Your Bank

Salesforce continually ranks as the global leader in CRM solutions – so what do you get when you harness the power of its superior customer relationship management capabilities with FIS’ exceptional banking solutions? The answer is a world of possibilities and unparalleled benefits. In order to fully appreciate how integrating FIS and Salesforce can help banks redefine the financial services landscape – let’s take a closer look at some of the key challenges facing financial institutions today.

Banks struggle with establishing a single source of truth which thereby fractures membership interactions. When a member reaches out with an inquiry, agents are often left scrambling for information. This not only hampers customer experiences but also diminishes the time spent on revenue-generating activities.

Seamless experiences are further hindered by laborious manual processes. Workflows that could—and should—be automated end up impeding the productivity of the entire team. Streamlining these processes becomes crucial to unlock efficiency and the full potential of the workforce.

The inability to effectively track referrals and sales team activities obstructs meaningful insights. Banks miss out on valuable data that can inform decision-making and drive revenue growth. Further, this lack of visibility limits their ability to understand customer behavior, identify opportunities, and optimize sales strategies.

Integrating FIS and Salesforce would prove to be a gamechanger for the ways it can help banks engage with their customers and drive organizational growth. Here’s how:

Delight Customers thanks to a unified view of all data across banking and Salesforce platforms. Interactions can be hyper-personalized as well as tailored to anticipate customer needs, and provide superior customer service at every touchpoint. This not only enables banks to build deeper relationships, but it ultimately fosters life-long customer loyalty.

Drive Efficiency by automating processes, eliminating data silos, and enabling real-time updates. What does this mean for your bank? Faster processing times, reduced errors, and optimized workflows. Our integrated approach simplifies complex tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities and drive innovation.

Advanced Automation capabilities from Salesforce eliminates manual processes, enabling efficient and effective processes. When workflows are streamlined, it enables the entire team to utilize valuable time for revenue-generating activities.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with FIS’ banking data and Salesforce’s advanced analytics capabilities. Empower your team with a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and performance metrics, providing a panoramic view to identify growth opportunities, optimize sales and marketing efforts, and drive robust revenue growth.

By delivering extraordinary customer experiences, streamlining operations, unlocking the power of data analytics, and enhancing compliance and risk management capabilities, FIS and Salesforce integration not only facilitates sustainable growth, but it equips teams with the necessary tools to thrive in the digital frontier.

Company Case Study

Let’s take a look at the case of Kim.

Kim had been banking with a financial institution for many years but recently, she began to feel that her banking journey was riddled with challenges and frustrations. One of the major pain points was the lack of a unified customer view. Each department seemed to operate in isolation, making it difficult for Kim to receive consistent and personalized service. Basic tasks such as updating her contact information or resolving simple inquiries would often require multiple interactions and repetitive explanations. The lack of integration made it clear that Kim’s bank’s systems were disjointed and were significantly hindering her experience with them. Other challenges included:

From applying for new accounts, to processing transactions, everything felt slow and inefficient. Kim found herself constantly filling out paper forms, waiting in long queues, and experiencing delays in simple tasks that could have been automated.

Kim never received targeted offers or recommendations based on her banking habits or preferences. It seemed like the bank had no understanding of Kim’s financial needs or aspirations.

Many of the hurdles Kim was faced with not only seemed avoidable, but also left her feeling frustrated and undervalued as a customer.

Driven by the desire for a better banking experience, Kim made the decision to switch to a bank that leveraged an integration of FIS and Salesforce. From the start, it was immediately evident that this bank had invested in a seamless customer experience, allowing Kim to feel that they genuinely cared about her financial success. Here’s how this integration enabled them to provide Kim with a unified and personalized banking experience:

The bank’s employees had access to a holistic view of Kim’s banking history, preferences, and needs. They knew exactly who she was, making every interaction hyper-personalized and tailored to her financial goals.

Whether Kim was visiting a branch in-person or reaching out via digital email, chat, or phone, the continuity of service was impeccable. Kim’s contact information was up-to-date across all systems, eliminating the need for repetitive requests for the same information.

This new bank’s streamlined processes and automation efforts were a breath of fresh air. Opening new accounts and processing transactions were quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

By embracing digital innovation, the bank could provide Kim with intuitive mobile banking apps and online portals that made it easy to manage finances conveniently from anywhere, at any time. Further, time-consuming paperwork had been replaced with seamless digital workflows, saving Kim valuable time and effort.

The bank’s utilization of FIS and Salesforce integration enabled the leverage of data-driven insights and empowered them with a deep understanding of Kim’s financial behavior. This made it simple to proactively reach out to Kim with targeted product recommendations and personalized offers that would be of interest to her.

Kim’s decision to transition to a bank that harnessed the power of FIS and Salesforce integration proved to be a game-changer, revolutionizing her entire banking experience. The combination of streamlined processes, personalized customer service, data-driven insights, and seamless communication transformed her interactions with the bank. This integration not only simplified the intricacies of the banking industry but also empowered Kim as a customer, providing her with peace of mind and a renewed sense of confidence in her financial institution.

As a financial institution responsible for managing and safeguarding member’s money, it is a necessity for banks to provide services and support that members can trust. But who can banks rely on to help take them there? Choosing the right allies who align with your goals becomes paramount.

Why AGG?

When it comes to selecting the right partner for technology integration and digital transformation, the experience of the company you choose is of utmost importance. This is precisely where Access Global Group excels, offering a unique blend of global deployment expertise coupled with the agility of a boutique firm. With a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years in diverse industries and holding the prestigious Salesforce Platinum-level partner status, AGG ensures that your financial institution’s needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded throughout the entire integration process.

AGG’s unparalleled proficiency in integrating FIS and Salesforce with various banking institutions is truly invaluable. We possess a one-of-a-kind project methodology that places our clients at the forefront of every decision, ensuring that their requirements and aspirations drive our solutions. Our extensive experience working with Salesforce and the financial services industry further underscores our ability to deliver the finest solutions tailored specifically for your business.

At AGG, we have successfully transformed numerous banking companies by seamlessly integrating FIS and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, unlocking the remarkable benefits of a truly comprehensive Customer 360 view. We eagerly invite you to share the challenges your company is currently facing, so we can offer our highly curated solutions that can help propel your business forward.

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A seamless connection between Salesforce and QuickBooks. With automation of key processes, this application works to eliminate manual and duplicative efforts to empower your team.



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