Applied Epic and Salesforce: How Integration Revolutionizes Insurance Sales & Service

Jenna Trott

5 min read | JUNE 19, 2023


Insurance firms – when you think about other companies who have experienced significant growth, what do you think their secret is? There’s a common misconception that accelerated growth comes from employing the most robust or complex solution. But truthfully — it’s the opposite. It’s about simplifying and optimizing your operations. In the pursuit of success, it’s not about adding layers of complexity, but about finding the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Today, we’ll be exploring the transformative power of Applied Epic and Salesforce integration, a harmonious alliance that not only revolutionizes your insurance institution and streamlines your processes, but also helps attract and retain clients for life.

Applied Epic – what do they do?

Before we get into how integrating Applied Epic and Salesforce can transform your insurance agency, let’s dive into what exactly Applied Epic is and what they offer. Globally recognized as the insurance industry’s go-to digital management solution, Applied Epic brings unmatched versatility to the table. It seamlessly provides a panoramic view of your firm, nimbly integrating all roles, locations, and lines of business, encompassing the complexities of both P&C and benefits domains.

Key features include:

Integrated Benefits Management
Process Management and Automation
Policy Management
Sales Automation & Customer Relationship Management
Document Management
Market Access and Quoting
Insurer Connectivity
Reporting and Data Analytics
Omnichannel Customer Service

Ultimately, this comprehensive range of features can be easily leveraged by insurance firms, offering seamless support across various areas. This is done in the following ways:

Sustain productivity and profitability as business needs evolve by leveraging an open and scalable architecture, including an API and Data Lake design, to seamlessly integrate Applied and third-party applications.

Empower your P&C and Benefits brokers with a unified operational hub, consolidating operations into a singular, reliable source of truth, where all roles, locations, and lines of business, including both P&C and benefits, can be seamlessly managed while providing the flexibility for staff to work in conjunction with other applications.

Save time servicing customers by connecting seamlessly with insurer partners right from your daily workflow and without ever leaving your core system.

Meet your customers where they’re at by offering support on any channel and enabling 24/7 access to policy information through seamless integration with your online client portal and mobile app

Applied Epic/Salesforce – How Integration Can Transform Your Company

Alone, Applied Epic revolutionizes operations, elevates customer service, and empowers firms to navigate a competitive market backed with data-driven insights. But what happens when you integrate the #1 insurance agency management system in the world with the #1 CRM world? By establishing synchronicity between sales and servicing teams across separate yet fully connected systems, users can drive sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences all while keeping their company running smoothly. Here are 4 key benefits your firm can expect to see with an Applied Epic and Salesforce Integration:

Maximize ROI by establishing a tight connection between Applied Epic and Salesforce, enabling streamlined operations, and saving precious time and resources through the management of updates in a unified platform. By optimizing the value of your investments, you can maximize efficiency and productivity, ultimately driving greater returns for your business.

Unify Membership Interactions by leveraging connected systems for a consolidated view of your company’s entire customer base. This thereby enables seamless cross-selling and upselling opportunities, simplifies the process and enhances the overall member experience.

Push Productivity thanks to Salesforce’s superior automation capabilities. By eliminating manual processes and repetitive tasks that drain productivity and impede seamless experiences, your team can instead focus on what really matters – elevating their sales performance and creating more meaningful member experiences.

Supercharge Sales with elite sales management tools. By automatically transferring leads from Applied Epic for Salesforce into Applied Epic, it enables the creation of account and contact details, as well as opportunities. Automation capabilities ensure that all the necessary steps are triggered consistently, saving time and reducing the chances of errors. As a result, the sales team can devote more time and attention to selling and servicing customers, enhancing their productivity and ultimately driving better sales outcomes for the insurance firm.

Superior Service Starts HERE: The Case of Jared

As a customer in the insurance industry, Jared always believed that securing the best coverage and receiving exceptional service required complicated systems and endless paperwork. Before switching to an insurance company leveraging Applied Epic and Salesforce integration, Jared found that managing policies and claims was likened to navigating a labyrinth. Lengthy forms, repetitive information requests, and disjointed communication made the process tedious and time-consuming. Further, the absence of personalized services left Jared feeling overlooked and underserved; he wanted an insurer that could provide seamless and integrated experiences to meet his evolving needs. However, his perception drastically changed when he switched from an insurance company that did not utilize Applied Epic and Salesforce integration to one that embraced these transformative technologies.

Recognizing the desire for a more elevated policyholder experience, Jared switched to a forward-thinking insurer that leveraged the power of Applied Epic and Salesforce. Here’s how this integration enabled them to provide Jared with a unified and personalized policyholder experience:

 From the moment Jared initiates a quote, every step is seamlessly connected. Data is accurately shared between departments, eliminating redundant paperwork and minimizing errors. This newfound efficiency not only saved him precious time but also instilled a sense of confidence in the insurance company’s ability to handle his needs promptly and effectively.

 With a unified view of Jared’s policy details and interactions across all touchpoints, the new insurance company’s reps have a comprehensive understanding of his unique requirements. They proactively anticipate his needs, provide tailored recommendations, and swiftly address any concerns. Further, a 360-degree view of Jared’s insurance journey enables the company to offer targeted advice and guidance, ensuring that his coverage remained up to date and aligned with his evolving life-circumstances.

 The power of Applied Epic and Salesforce integration truly shone through in the insurance company’s ability to leverage data-driven insights to benefit customers like Jared. By analyzing patterns and trends, the company identified opportunities to enhance his coverage, protect him from potential risks, and optimize his premiums.

 Jared could effortlessly connect with representatives through multiple channels, including email, phone, and even a user-friendly customer portal. All interactions, whether initiated by Jared or the company, were logged and easily accessible, ensuring a complete record of our conversations. This transparent approach instilled peace of mind, knowing that all communication was documented and easily accessible if needed.

By switching to an insurer that leveraged Applied Epic and Salesforce integration, Jared experienced a paradigm shift in his experience as a customer. The streamlined processes, personalized customer service, data-driven insights, and seamless communication have elevated his insurance experience to new heights. This integration has not only simplified the complexities of the insurance industry but also empowered Jared as a customer, offering peace of mind and a renewed sense of confidence.

Why AGG?

When it comes to finding the right partner for technology integration and digital transformation, it’s crucial to find a company with the right experience. That’s precisely what Access Global Group offers with its unique combination of global deployment expertise and a boutique firm’s nimbleness. With over 15 years of diverse industry experience and a Salesforce Platinum-level partner status, Access Global Group ensures that your insurance company’s needs and expectations are met throughout the integration process. Access Global Group’s expertise in integrating Salesforce and Applied Epic with other insurance institutions is invaluable, as is our one-of-a-kind project methodology that places our clients at the forefront of every decision made. Our extensive experience working with Salesforce and the financial services industry further underscores our ability to provide the best possible solutions for your business.

AGG has transformed a number of insurance companies with our seamless integration of Applied Epic and Salesforce, unlocking the benefits of a truly comprehensive Customer 360 view. We eagerly invite you to share the challenges your company is currently encountering and how our highly curated solutions may help.

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