AI Insights: 3 Expert Tips for Harnessing Your AI Power

Jenna Trott  |  SEPTEMBER 14, 2023  |  3 Minute Read

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On the second day of Dreamforce, the conference continues to create ripples in the tech world with its unveiling of new products, system advancements, and enhanced tools designed to shape the future of work. This year, the spotlight shines brightly on artificial intelligence, marking the brink of a profound technological revolution. Over the last 10 years, AI has developed at rapid speeds and there is no indication of it slowing down any time soon.

So, in the ever-evolving realm of business and technology, a single immutable fact stands out: every company must have an AI strategy. But where do you begin on this exciting journey towards unlocking your AI potential? Salesforce offers us three invaluable tips to help guide AI users along this journey of transformation.

1. Start With a Vision

A common question that arises as organizations embark on their AI journey is, “Where should we begin?” Given the vast potential of generative AI technology, industry leaders may feel overwhelmed. To truly harness the power of AI, start by envisioning your organization’s future. What are your specific objectives—boosted productivity, increased revenue, or reduced operational costs? Craft a clear business case from the outset.

Determine Business Value: Examine your operations, customer interactions, and data assets to pinpoint areas where AI can deliver the highest value. This allows you to focus your efforts where they can generate the most significant returns.

Envision AI’s Potential: Think about how AI can align with your company’s goals. Explore specific use cases, applications, and desired outcomes to craft a compelling vision.

Assess Readiness: Confirm that your organization is ready for AI integration. Analyze your technological infrastructure, data capabilities, and workforce skills to uncover areas in need of enhancement. Evaluate whether you have the necessary resources, expertise, and support systems for implementing and managing AI solutions.

Don’t forget to consider your stakeholders! Communicate a compelling vision of the AI-infused future. Help them see the benefits and align their enthusiasm with your goals.

2. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

With your vision in place, it’s time to embark on the experimentation phase. Think of it as a well-planned expedition, with proof of technology as your guide. Your goal here is to showcase demand and demonstrate the strategic value of your AI strategy.

Define Usage Scenarios: Enhance AI use cases by collecting insights from various departments within your organization. Focus on areas where AI can make a significant impact and align your initiatives with the company’s objectives.

Implement AI Cloud Proof of Concept: Evaluate feasibility by introducing AI tools in a controlled environment. Assess performance, scalability, and integration with existing systems to proactively address any issues and ensure a seamless transition.

Showcase Product Capabilities: Demonstrate the potential transformations through practical scenarios or pilot projects. Engage stakeholders by highlighting how AI addresses specific challenges and delivers the desired outcomes.

Verify Business Value: Before full-scale deployment, validate the significance of your use cases. Test unexplored advantages, such as increased efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and improved decision-making, to ensure that your AI initiatives align with your business goals.

3. Embrace the Art of Building

After a successful experimentation phase, it’s time to build a solid AI foundation. Start with your well-defined vision and incorporate lessons from your experimentations to help bridge the gap between vision and implementation.

Engage a Variety of Stakeholders: Promote inclusive collaboration by involving individuals with diverse perspectives and interests, including employees, customers, and partners, to shape the implementation strategy.

Uphold Transparency: Ensure transparency in your plan by maintaining visibility, clarity, and consistent updates. Share progress and milestones to build trust, collective ownership, and accountability.

Foster a Learning Culture: Embrace continuous learning by remaining open to new insights and refining your plan as you progress.

Facilitate Informed Decision-Making: Provide practical strategies and a clear vision to align your choices with your desired outcomes.

Empower Your Team: Recognize that the true strength of AI lies in the combined capabilities of your workforce. Harness their knowledge, skills, and creativity to fully unlock AI’s potential and drive significant change.

Dreamforce, the annual convergence of visionaries, creators, and technology enthusiasts, has once again captivated the world with its latest innovations. On this second day of the conference, the stage was set ablaze with the promise of a future where artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront. It is here, in this pivotal moment, that we witness the dawn of a profound technological era that holds the potential to reshape industries, businesses, and the very fabric of our work.

The road to the next era of innovation starts with Salesforce – looking to get started? Talk to us!

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