Bringing Your Data to Life: CRM Analytics

Jenna Trott

5 min read | August 2nd, 2022

Bringing Your Data to Life: CRM Analytics

The importance that data plays in the longevity of your business is paramount, in fact, we have a whole guide dedicated to why your company needs to be data driven by 2024! Companies who adapt a data centric working model see benefits like:

  • 41% greater improvement in production time to market
  • 89% improvement in customer retention and acquisition
  • 45% greater improvement in employee retention


However, creating an effective data culture can be challenging. There’s no “magic bullet” solution for every single business, but what if we told you there was a tool that could easily prep and clean data to extract meaningful insight no matter what condition the data is in? This is the clarity businesses can expect to gain from CRM Analytics.

So, what is CRM Analytics? 

CRM Analytics from Salesforce is a highly intelligent cloud-based analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution that delivers superior visualizations and predictions directly in the Salesforce customer account or opportunity page. It helps determine sales and service reps’ next best move whether they’re closing a deal or resolving a customer issue. 

What’s the difference between CRM Analytics and Tableau CRM? 

Trick question, there is none! Earlier this year Salesforce renamed “Tableau CRM” to “CRM Analytics” to avoid any confusion with Tableau, which is significantly different. Tableau is a separate product that Salesforce acquired back in 2019 to advance their position in the data analytics market. To keep things simple, Tableau provides visualization comparisons from all data sources whereas CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM), is a native Salesforce experience that provides actionable insights directly in the CRM workflow to maximize productivity. 

For a more complete overview of the differences between CRM Analytics and Tableau, click here.

Do I need CRM Analytics? 

Unless it’s food or water…no you don’t need it but you’ll be missing out on a ton of benefits without it! CRM Analytics not only offers deep insight into client trends but it can also maximize efficiency and productivity within your org. In fact, users report 

  • 38% faster decision making capabilities 
  • 22% increase in productivity 
  • 14% increase in sales conversions 


 Imagine having the ability to extract data from any source and automatically analyze hundreds or thousands of rows of data to assist your team with answering your business’s most critical questions, quickly and with easy to read visuals. Further, and perhaps most importantly, if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that organizations who were unable to pivot quickly were met with significant disadvantages in comparison to those who could pivot quickly. Thus, there is a link between organizations who are able to effectively utilize their data and the overall resiliency of a company.

What are the features?

There are so many amazing features and capabilities that CRM Analytics provides, but here are some of the core ones: 

Salesforce Powered

CRM Analytics is 100% native to Salesforce, thus your data can be interwoven into every decision taken on the Salesforce instance without disrupting your workflow. 

Advanced AI

Before CRM Analytics was called Tableau CRM, it was actually Einstein Analytics…so naturally it possesses superior AI capabilities. More than just an algorithm, CRM Analytics’ AI is driven by practical applications so you can uncover not only the “why” behind your data, but also how to improve business performance to better reach your goals.

Data Management

Easily prep and clean data with clicks not code so that you’re sure the information you’re seeing is the information you can trust.

Total Flexibility

Explore and play with your data. From where it comes from, to where it lives, who gets access to it and how it’s visualized, CRM Analytics can be tailored to your specific needs.


Work better, together. Generate new ideas and opportunities around data to propel your business forward. Sharing insights across channels is not only secure but scalable.

What does it cost?

Compare editions and top features.

Get started building a data culture TODAY.

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