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Jenna Trott

5 min read | July 13th, 2022

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Access Global Group had the privilege of working with Cadence Bank when their current work processes became overly complex and time-consuming, particularly during peak seasons. AGG’s intervention came at a critical point as Cadence Bank began experiencing rapid growth that was not supported by their current systems. Cadence Bank has built a reputation as a company with superior customer service in the banking industry, and we wanted to deliver the same to them. Here’s how Access Global Group worked with Cadence Bank to remedy their current system and reimagine what was possible along their continued journey of growth.

About Cadence Bank

Chartered in 2009, Cadence Bank quickly became known as an innovative banking company dedicated to providing premier banking experiences for clients. They currently have 98 branches in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee and are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For over 13 years, they’ve provided top-tier commercial, business and personal banking services for their customers and community members.


Over the last three years, Cadence Bank experienced rapid growth, acquiring 12 banks in 3 years. They desperately needed support for these acquisitions, which included merging systems and the need to develop a more efficient way to communicate with their company of 1800+ employees. While Cadence Bank did have lead and opportunity management systems, they were not integrated with customer master data systems, giving employees an incomplete representation of information. Further, they did not have Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) which resulted in increased call handling times and significant limitations for call centers during peak seasons. Other problems faced by Cadence Bank included challenges integrating with legacy financial systems, no unique serialization for accounts across all 12 banks acquired, and inefficient uses of time as a result of manual systems, management and reporting.


To address the series of challenges faced by Cadence Bank, Access Global Group implemented Salesforce solutions that aligned with the goals they wanted to achieve. This included implementing CTI using AM adapters & Cisco backend, as well as setting up Chatter & Files for internal communication & file storage. In doing so, this eliminated critical gaps in communication throughout the team and significantly improved their online and digital presence. Not only did AGG integrate Salesforce with over 20 legacy systems, but we also built custom integrations with IBM mainframes and Jack Henry (Financial) systems to sync data into Salesforce. This allowed sales reps to use integrations to upsell/cross-sell related products. The most important thing we wanted to achieve was creating a system that worked with Cadence Bank rather than against them, thus, we curated custom system configurations, automated key work and approval processes and enabled real-time integrations to core banking and digital banking systems to provide critical data forecasts. And because we know that companies need to have the agility to transform their business quickly, we implemented a structure for CSR to work remotely from home in peak seasons. This allows the Cadence Bank team to continue providing superior customer sales support and manage accounts with ease.


By utilizing the power of Salesforce, employees are now able to collaborate and share vital information with ease via Chatter capabilities. Call handling times have significantly decreased as calls can be made directly from Salesforce and activities are auto-logged. Sales reps are now able to manage all sales-related information in one place and synced customer data helps the sales team upsell related products to customers. By implementing AMC/Cisco telecom system integrations, it resolved 99% of Cadence Bank’s limitations during peak seasons and allowed remote work a possibility. Overall, data transparency and efficiency was achieved with Salesforce solutions, helping Cadence Bank to increase ROI by 18% and call center KPIs by 25%. In the end, Cadence Bank saw significant simplifications with their commercial, wholesale, retail, and investment banking processes.


Why AGG?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are uniquely catered to your organization’s needs. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementations, we’ll work to streamline your work processes and be there to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such a wonderful organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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