Customer Success Story
Westminster American Insurance Company

Customer Success Story | Westminster American Insurance Company
Access Global Group recently worked with Westminster American Insurance Company to transform their work processes when it became more cumbersome than helpful. This intervention came at a critical juncture as Westminster American recently expanded and was looking for support in their initiative of future expansion.

About Westminster American Insurance Company

Westminster American Insurance Company was chartered in Maryland in 1869 as the Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Carroll County. The founding purpose was to protect the financial interests of home and farm owners in rural Carroll County, Maryland. Since then, the company has grown significantly to focus on commercial real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region, the East Coast and are working on expanding South as well.


Westminster American prioritizes the relationships they build with their agents but found themselves struggling to maintain them through cumbersome data collection and a multitude of excel spreadsheets. Access Global Group recently spoke to Westminster American’s Marketing and Social Media Specialist, Emily DeLong, who indicated that obtaining information on agents was inefficient and they often found themselves having to reach out to additional points of contact in order to find the data they needed.


Westminster American wanted to utilize Salesforce to supplement the agent experience. Access Global Group’s implementation method was two-fold. First, they were able to create profiles for all existing agents and capture more information on them. Secondly, they focused on integrating data from associated companies to further bridge the data gap. By organizing all key information into one central location, it would allow anyone within the organization to obtain the numbers and statistics associated with each client.


By utilizing the power of Salesforce, employees were able to significantly decrease the amount of time spent searching for critical information on their agents. Furthermore, the Westminster American team were able to deepen their relationships with agents by efficiently deploying questionnaires to their agents to better personalize their experience. Taking it one step further, they’ve coupled Salesforce with Pardot to automate individualized messages to show their client’s appreciation. Emily notes that, “Salesforce has been awesome because all of our data is more streamlined and it’s really easy to look up an agent by their name, see all of the points of contact we’ve had with them and all the gifts we’ve sent to them.”

Why AGG?

Westminster American knew that they needed someone to assist them in the implementation process and had been looking at a couple of different specialists but decided that AGG was an organization that best aligned with their goals. Emily states that, “As a marketing and social media specialist, I deal with almost all of our vendors here at Westminster American and AGG has been by far one of the best to work with.”

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such an awesome organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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