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Jenna Trott

5 min read | June 17th, 2022

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With a mission to not only help clients retire, but to achieve the retirement of their dreams, Keen Wealth Advisors works hard to get you there. Client individuality is important to them, which is why Keen Wealth Advisors is hyperfocused on your goals so you may better attain your aspirations of success. With a continued dedication to helping individuals and families plan for a fulfilling and meaningful retirement, Keen Wealth Advisors has quickly become one of the most trusted advisors in Kansas. Their extensive experience – molded by a number of critical shifts in the market – enables them to create a personalized plan to address each client’s specific retirement goals. However, when daily work processes became cumbersome and hindered their ability to grow further, Keen Wealth Advisors reached out to a consultant to help implement Salesforce solutions. Unfortunately, the consultant they hired abandoned the project before it was completed and Access Global Group stepped in with only one month remaining in the project timeline. Keep reading to learn how AGG was able to work with Keen Wealth Advisors to get their business back on track with Salesforce.

About Keen Wealth Advisors

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Keen Wealth Advisors is a Financial and Investment planning company and one of the top 5 financial advisors in Kansas who have successfully managed 500 million dollars worth of assets. Specializing in retirement and estate planning, Keen Wealth Advisors utilize their extensive wealth management experience to understand and deliver on clients’ long-term goals.


Because Keen Wealth Advisors’ original consultant left before the project was completed, they felt the pressure of accomplishing the necessary changes to their system before their project deadline. With only a month remaining, Keen Wealth Advisors were still struggling with an incomplete picture of client profiles and they did not have the ability to track customers’ annual renewal dates. Overall, communication with customers was inconsistent, making client retention a significant concern. Further, Salesforce’s out-of-the-box lead conversion process was not a suitable fit for Keen Wealth Advisors to effectively use Financial Service Cloud. Finally, missing data became a problem as Keen Wealth Advisors were required to use Orion Connect to transfer financial data from the Orion system, but had no way of doing so. Access Global Group’s intervention came at a critical juncture for the Keen Wealth Advisors team as we worked hard to finish the project within their desired timeframe.


To address the series of challenges faced by Keen Wealth Advisors, Access Global Group implemented Salesforce solutions that aligned with the goals they wanted to achieve. This included customizing Sales and Service Cloud to help support agents with the many obstacles they were facing, including:

  • Created custom lead conversion processes tailored to their specific needs rather than relying on the standard lead conversion process
  • Developed and implemented automation for time consuming and repetitive tasks to promote more efficient workflow
  • Assisted in data clean-up to ensure that the information they see is information they can trust
  • Created a workflow to migrate data from their sunset system, Tamarac CRM and Orion, to Salesforce – bringing all data to one platform to create a single source of truth for all vital customer information


By utilizing the power of Salesforce, Keen Wealth Advisors saw a vital transformation in their workflows and overall efficiency. Agents are now able create cases through email IDs and are assigned to cases dynamically based on priority and agent profile. Further, agents have the ability to see multiple components of data on one screen, drastically decreasing the amount of time spent looking for the data needed to resolve a case. Access Global Group’s unique blend of solutions enabled support managers to reassign agents to high traffic case queues with ease; further streamlining workflow and collaboration. Because we were able to significantly reduce and optimize manual work with automation, Keen Wealth Advisors’ case resolution times now consistently meet KPIs

Why AGG?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are uniquely catered to your organization’s needs. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementations, we’ll work to streamline your work processes and be there to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such a wonderful organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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