Customer Success Story | Mesirow Financial

Jenna Trott

5 min read | June 23, 2022

Customer Success Story | Mesirow Financial
At Access Global Group, our customers’ successes inspire us to continue elevating each and every interaction with those we serve. Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped many different industries of varying sizes to drastically improve their business functionality and efficiency with purpose-built Salesforce solutions. Our client-centric model allows our team to curate highly personalized customizations for each of the challenges they face. Access Global Group recently had the privilege of working with Mesirow Financial when their sales processes became overly complex and inefficient. AGG wanted to provide the Mesirow Financial team with a solution to support their dedication to serving clients with premier financial products and services without relying on multiple systems. Here’s how Access Global Group worked with Mesirow Financial to remedy their challenges and reimagine what was possible along their continued journey of growth.

About Mesirow Financial

Founded in 1937, ​Norman Mesirow’s hope was to create an independent financial services firm that was owned by employees who shared a commitment to client success, communities and workplace culture. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Mesirow Financial specializes in investment management, capital markets, investment banking and wealth management and have been servicing communities for more than 85 years


Many of the challenges faced by Mesirow Financial was due to the company having multiple
systems for various information types. As a result, the team found themselves unable to integrate vital customer data, making it inaccessible during critical sales points. This not only resulted in missed opportunities but also caused detrimental effects throughout their entire business. Mesirow Financial’s reporting was confined to each individual system and took a great amount of time to consolidate, costing them valuable time that could be spent on growth opportunities. Additionally, all systems were manual, making sales processes long and cumbersome. Their current systems did not support effective communication and as a result, team members were missing out on critical updates and information. Finally, their existing system was unable to run campaigns on leads, there was no way to access the current services received by customers and overall growth was hindered.


To address the series of challenges faced by Mesirow Financial, Access Global Group implemented Salesforce solutions that aligned with the goals they wanted to achieve. We began by integrating all customer data from their many systems into one, creating a single source of truth for advisors and preventing missed opportunities during sales calls. Additionally, our team worked to implement Chatter & Files for internal communication and file storage. In doing so, this eliminated critical gaps in communication throughout the team, allowing seamless collaboration with members and clients. Of paramount importance was creating a system that worked with Mesirow Financial rather than against them, thus, we curated custom system configurations, automated key work and approval processes and implemented campaigns for sales reps instead of relying on email blasts alone. Finally, automated reports and dashboards were configured to display real-time updates, so the Mesirow Financial team is seeing the most accurate information every time.


By utilizing the power of Salesforce, Mesirow Financial employees describe the effect on their business as “transformative.” Reps are able to save substantial amounts of time due to all sales-related information being easily accessible and in one location. And because all vital client information is stored on one system instead of several, the sales team can quickly access previously sold services to take advantage of future upsell opportunities. Additionally, sales reps can track all emails sent from campaigns for added visibility into the customer journey. The entire sales process from initial meeting to close has been simplified and provides the executive team a comprehensive understanding into the sales team’s strengths and needs. The Mesirow Financial team are now able to collaborate and share vital information with ease via Chatter capabilities and premier report automation ensures that the information being shared is not only transparent be accurate as well.

Why AGG?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are uniquely catered to your organization’s needs. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementations, we’ll work to streamline your work processes and be there to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such a wonderful organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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