Customer Success Story | Sutter Health Plus

Jenna Trott

5 min read | JANUARY 16, 2023

Customer Success Story | Sutter Health Plus
Access Global Group had the privilege of working with Sutter Health Plus when they found that their current work processes not only didn’t support their overarching goals, but it even hindered their daily workflow. This working relationship came at a critical point as Sutter Health Plus struggled with siloed systems that inevitably resulted in duplicative efforts. Sutter Health Plus is a company that prioritizes client care, working tirelessly to provide easily accessible and personalized care for everyone they serve; so when they began to encounter obstacles that inhibited this, AGG quickly stepped in.
About Sutter Health Plus

Sutter Health Plus is a Sutter Health company with over 3,000 employees and is located in Roseville, California. They offer affordable HMO health plans that align with consumers’ unique needs and budgets, and for nearly a decade, Sutter Health Plus has given people access to many of Northern California’s most respected healthcare providers, including many of Sutter Health’s affiliated hospitals, doctors and physician organizations. Recently, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) awarded Sutter Health Plus the formal seal of NCQA Accreditation, recognizing them for their outstanding quality and service.


Sutter Health is the parent company of Sutter Health Plus, however they are different entities. Despite this, both organizations were sharing one Salesforce system. This inevitably resulted in data silos with incomplete, duplicated, and inaccurate information. Not only does this greatly impact productivity, but it also limits quality business decision making and creates poor data security and regulatory compliance — not to mention the patient impact that these incorrect data records could have. What Sutter Health Plus needed was a system design that was PHI, PII & HIPAA compliant, would close the gaps across teams and enable them to access accurate patient data when they needed it most. In addition to having information and leads across multiple healthcare systems, Sutter Health Plus did not have a platform to effectively support internal communications which created critical gaps. They also needed to find a way to accommodate a 300 person call center for Support and Sales without complicating their already cumbersome processes.


After sitting down with Sutter Health Plus to fully understand the breadth of their challenges, Access Global Group began designing a customized Salesforce solution to fit their specific needs and requirements. Once their over 800 users were migrated to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Access Global Group supplemented each with additional customized capabilities to further streamline workflow. This included automating normally time consuming tasks, providing the team with knowledge articles and solutions, as well as simplifying work processes with cases created and defined by type, plan, and family. Further, web to leads from over 50 sites and prospect assignments were moved over to Sales Cloud. Access Global Group also implemented email case queues based on priority to delegate tasks needing attention first and created an agent custom skill assignment console for managers to easily assign the right person for the right job. To help Sutter Health better understand their data, AGG created reports and dashboards to track case SLA’s and KPIs. And to address the communication gaps faced by Sutter Health Plus, Access Global Group enabled chat so teams never miss a beat. Finally, due to the sensitive nature of information that Sutter Health Plus works with, AGG ensured that it was built according to PHI, PII & HIPAA regulations and can be integrated with various health care systems and vendor systems using WS security restrictions.


For Sutter Health Plus, a digital transformation created a lasting impact. By utilizing the power of Salesforce, employees no longer have to worry about platform hopping as all of their critical information is housed in one centralized location. Further, Sutter Health Plus can rest assured knowing that all of this critical data is stored according to PHI, PII & HIPAA regulations. By automating manual efforts, human error has decreased by 99%. Chat features enable employees to collaborate and share vital information with ease and data is now accessible from multiple external systems through web services and leadership is able to gain intelligent insight into what this info means thanks to reports and dashboards. Finally, agents have gained the ability to work from home if needed and sales and support are consistently meeting (and surpassing) KPIs!

Why AGG?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are uniquely catered to your organization’s needs. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementations, we’ll work to streamline your work processes and be there to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such a wonderful organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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