Encompass Connector for Salesforce

Jenna Trott

5 min read | August 22, 2022

The ripple effects of a challenging economic period are undoubtedly being felt by all business owners everywhere. In addition to inflation, shortages in the supply chain, and rapid recesion, companies are also finding it hard to create a single source of truth, particularly those working within the banking and lending industries. And with fewer than 20% of customers saying their needs are being met, It’s easy to feel out of control in such trying times. But as a financial advisor, you have an obligation to be there. You have an obligation to help set up a beneficiary fund for your client with a new baby, you have an obligation to provide their sixteen year-old with a policy for their new car, and you have an obligation to be there to help guide a client through the claims process after a death. With customer expectations continuing to evolve, agents are being pushed to consider how to make basic interactions, a moment that matters. An Encompass and Salesforce integration places the power back in your hands, allowing you to evolve alongside your clients with agility – how? AGG breaks it down.

What is Encompass?

Encompass is empowering, it’s efficient, and it’s innovative.

…But what exactly is it?

The Encompass Connector for Salesforce is a superior loan origination tool for credit unions, banks, and other mortgage/lending companies. It acts as an all-in-one mortgage management solution by streamlining the loan origination process, helps advisors navigate changing regulations and simplifies complex workflows to close loans more quickly, maximize profits, and turn today’s customers into lifelong clients.

How does the Encompass Connector for Salesforce Work?

Loan origination tools on their own can prevent lenders from operating as efficiently as possible. How? Well typically, lenders spend half of their time in Salesforce, engaging with and managing borrowers while the other half is spent in a separate platform, accessing the specifics of borrowers loan information. The Encompass + Salesforce Connector removes that friction to instead create a single-source of truth, which is especially critical for those working in the banking and lending industries. Encompass works by unifying important borrower information with mortgage loan data into a single system of record. This partnership with Salesforce has allowed a secure bidirectional connection, enabling lenders to seamlessly synchronize data between the Encompass and Salesforce platforms in real-time to save your lenders both time and money long term.

What are the benefits of integrating Encompass and Salesforce?

The Encompass Connector for Salesforce boasts a whole host of benefits for its users. When applications come in from your point of sale system, they will automatically be created within Salesforce, allowing lenders to seamlessly map loan info and data from Encompass to Salesforce for easy and accurate data synchronization. This helps to create a better loan experience for your borrowers by simplifying the process for you. Enable your team to create loans, access critical loan information, check statuses and receive real-time updates without ever having to leave Salesforce. Leverage 360-degree reporting capabilities for a more comprehensive view of data that can drive meaningful insights across all lines of business. A secure end-to-end connection between the Salesforce and Encompass platforms not only helps support your agents, loan officers, and sales members, but it also helps make your business the business clients trust.

With the world in a recession comparable to that of Depression Era economics, we must continue to seek out new ways to work. The time is now to consider ways to transform your organization and help to better meet the expectations of the people you serve.

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