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Jenna Trott

5 min read | MARCH 23rd

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The Salesforce team consistently works hard to provide opportunities for its community members and the Pathfinder program is a further endorsement of their efforts. Established in 2018 by Salesforce and Deloitte, the Pathfinder program was established as a workforce development program for all individuals, regardless of their background, demographics, or socioeconomic status. The goal was to offer individuals access to the skills and support necessary to participate in what Salesforce calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” By 2026, the Salesforce ecosystem anticipates the creation of 9.3 million new jobs worldwide and wants to ensure that anyone and everyone has the ability to become part of the next generation of Trailblazers.

What is the Pathfinder program?

The Pathfinder program offers a free and immersive virtual training experience with over 200 hours of live and asynchronous learning. Salesforce wanted to create an accessible way for anyone to learn in-demand skills, earn Salesforce credentials, and make connections with mentors and the Trailblazer Community at their convenience. By participating in the Pathfinder program, individuals will have the opportunity to train with experienced Salesforce instructors, get hands-on with Trailhead (Salesforce’s online learning platform) and complete practical case studies, while also learning the business skills to pursue Salesforce ecosystem jobs as admins, developers, analysts, consultants, and more (

Who is eligible for participation?

US & UK Requirements:

  • Community college students (and recent graduates)
  • Veterans and the military spouse community
  • Participants from select non-profit partners.

**Participants must be based in the program’s country (US or UK) and eligible to work in that country. Individuals must not already hold a Salesforce certification and must be excited about a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Pathfinder is a rigorous, part-time, 20 week long commitment. The first two months focus on an online, self-paced curriculum via Trailhead, Salesforce’s innovative, gamified learning platform. Participants can expect to dedicate about 8-10 hours a week on material. Next, Pathfinders will complete a week of live training led by a Salesforce certified instructor. The next several weeks will focus on certification exam support.

How do you apply?

Applications for the Pathfinder Training Program opened on March 21, 2022 – click here to apply

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