How to Profit from Your Contact Center

Jenna Trott

5 min read | OCTOBER 12, 2022

If you work within the banking industry, it’s likely that you can attest to the challenges meeting customer expectations in an ever-changing marketplace. Particularly for call center agents, who are often faced with juggling a myriad of responsibilities, it can be difficult to manage providing customer support, maintenance, routing/escalation and resolution, all while trying to reduce handle times and increase customer satisfaction. And to further complicate things, in many cases this is all done throughout multiple systems. It doesn’t take long before this begins to feel overwhelming for call center agents, and during peak seasons, it can even cause significant limitations. Common ways that banks try to manage the above challenges are by establishing their own outbound call center, or by hiring more people to handle specific tasks and to take on sales initiatives. And while banks can certainly do that, there are simple changes that anyone can create with Salesforce to empower call center professionals and generate a real impact. Let’s take a look.

The Inbound Call Agent

Inbound call agents already do a great job routing and referring phone calls, but what if there was a way to further simplify this process?

Picture this: your bank gets a phone call from Jane Smith, who is concerned because there’s been a $200 charge on her card and she needs assistance disputing the transaction. Traditionally, this can be a laborious and time intensive process; but with Salesforce, everything your agents need to better serve Jane is readily available at their fingertips. Salesforce displays a comprehensive timeline of clients, tacking every interaction, opportunity, lead and case that Jane has had with your bank. Further, the agent will be able to access critical information from transcribed calls, call recordings, and a detailed client profile via Customer 360 that paints a full picture of who you’re trying to assist. This not only helps to personalize the experience for customers, but it also enables faster resolution times by triggering automation directly from Salesforce for a full end-to-end business process.

While you’re talking with Jane, Salesforce is working hard on three key aspects: automation, intelligence, and real-time data. All of this works in the background to generate what is called the “Next Best Action.” This takes information from Jane’s profile, information from previous interactions, and hearing Jane say “dispute,” to trigger an immediate recommendation for what the agent needs to do to reach a quick and easy resolution. Now, the agent has the ability to access a fully guided transaction dispute that not only captures more information about the transaction in question, but also integrates and connects it back to your core system, back to visa or MasterCard, and back to any and all other tools needed to reissue the card or even to open up a formal investigation. This can all be achieved with Salesforce’s simple, end-to-end business process automation.
You may be thinking “Okay, great but how can that help our financial institution profit?” Let’s take a look at how Salesforce can turn the above transaction with Jane into a referral.
So, it looks like Jane is trying to start a business. The same tools you used on the front-end of that phone call can now be used to assist your agent in taking advantage of a potential referral. Again, Next Best Action is working hard in the background to determine that this client can benefit from speaking to your business banking agents. Actions are immediately updated and will help to guide the agent toward scheduling that appointment for Jane. Salesforce automatically creates a lead and quickly sends it over to your business banking agents for next steps. With Salesforce, it becomes significantly easier to structure experiences for upselling opportunities, enhance the client journey and empower your agents to help your bank grow.

Outbound Calls

When we combine service with sales, we can utilize Salesforce and Financial Services Cloud to enhance experiences for the client and upskill and empower your agents to begin making outbound phone calls. Salesforce helps financial institutions achieve what they consider are the “3 V’s” of outbound phone calls: volume, velocity, and value. Instead of waiting for inbound phone calls, your bank can be more proactive by dialing customers, here’s how.

Salesforce’s same automation, intelligence and real time capabilities for inbound calls come together to simplify outbound calling. Automation works to create leads and funnels them directly into your Salesforce instance. It creates specific lead types based on customer profiles and lead scores. Once those leads come in, your bank can use auto-generated sales cadences to outline what you can do for this customer in your initial point of contact as well as guides for follow up interactions as well. This helps to shift your focus away from outreach over to velocity and how quickly you can start calling these customers. In just one click agents can dial the customer and the call script loads on the same screen. It then becomes incredibly easy to manage what’s triggered that lead score, what’s happening on the lead score, as well as seeing the stage of the lead and what the next best interactions are going to be for that customer.

Just like on the service side, all of the same telephony tools are embedded into the leads for outbound phone calls such as call transcripts and call recordings. Agents will also have access to the same intelligent insights that the Next Best Action provides, and any process automation is just one click away from the agent at all times. Even once the call ends, automation continues. Salesforce was designed to better enable agents to use their time talking to people, not clicking buttons and completing tasks. So when the agent hangs up, Salesforce automatically increases the stage of the lead, the next stage of sales cadence is triggered and the agent can easily schedule a meeting for a mortgage rep to continue on to the next step in the client journey. Now you can easily move on to the next lead; velocity is key!

Salesforce Call Center Use Case

A bank approached Salesforce with a serious dilemma: they recently underwent a merger and now they have to call 400,000 customers in a 9 week timeframe. Further, this bank needed all of their retail bankers making these outbound calls, but the problem with that was they were averaging around 1,000 calls per week and the contact rate was only 13%. Using automation, intelligence and real-time data, Salesforce was able to create a targeted list of customers that reduced the original number of 400,000 to just 250,000 in order to generate the highest impact. Salesforce routed these targeted leads directly into the instance and auto-generated cadences for reps to follow, helping the retail bankers focus less on who to call and what to say and focus more on calling large numbers of clients. Using this method those same retail bankers who previously were making around 1,000 calls a week were able to make 236,000 calls in 9 weeks with a 45% contact rate. They also were able to generate an additional 6 millions dollars in deposit growth in the first 30 days of the campaign. This not only significantly streamlined efforts, but resulted in this bank saving substantial amounts of time and money as well.

In banking, the stakes are high and if your call center is unable to handle the volume of calls received, the effects can be detrimental for your institution. Studies show that Salesforce can increase loan sales by 29 percent while helping to cut costs associated with repetitive administrative tasks. The long short of it is that with Salesforce; everyone wins: your agents with easy conversions and smoother pipelines and your clients with personalized care and faster resolutions. What are you waiting for? Stop juggling data and start closing deals today.

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