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Jenna Trott

5 min read | FEBRUARY 21, 2023


Whether it’s a home, a business, or another valuable asset, property insurance is one of the most important investments clients make. There’s an invaluable peace of mind that comes from knowing your property and belongings are protected from unexpected losses and damages. Whether it’s natural disasters, theft, fire, or other unforeseen events, property insurance can help you recover from financial losses and get back on your feet. As an insurance company, you have a responsibility for putting your clients at ease, and providing an experience that is streamlined and personal. However, property insurance is a complex industry that requires efficient and effective management of large amounts of data, effective communication with clients, and collaboration among teams. In this fast-paced and ever-changing market, companies need to have the right tools to help streamline processes and provide the best possible service to clients. This is where Salesforce comes in. Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that can help property insurance companies manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. From automating tedious manual processes, to providing better insights into customer data, Salesforce has the tools and capabilities that property insurance companies need to succeed in today’s market. Without further ado, let’s explore the many ways in which Salesforce can help companies in the property insurance industry.

Automate Underwriting

Due to the complex and comprehensive nature of the work involved, underwriting is a time-consuming process. Salesforce’s automated underwriting capabilities can not only help improve the accuracy and speed of this ordinarily laborious process, but it also reduces the risk of errors; ultimately providing a better customer experience.

Here’s how:

  • Digitization of submissions capabilities provides brokers and agents with digital access to submissions through a portal, mobile app, or API, all with dynamic data enrichment.
  • Automated quoting not only helps process quotes faster, but it also improves accuracy, enables better data management, and helps automate referrals.
  • It creates a unified workspace for underwriters by consolidating multiple applications into one that houses queues, workflow automation, and much more.
  • Revolutionize online communication and collaboration. Easily message other departments and stakeholders in real time to gather the information needed to make informed decisions
Distribution Management

These days, clients have come to expect the same personalized experiences and convenience when working with financial institutions as they do within their favorite apps. Salesforce can help property insurers effectively manage their distribution channels, improve their distribution relationships, and drive more business through their channels by:

  • Providing a centralized platform for managing all distribution channels, including agents, brokers, and direct-to-consumer channels. This allows companies to have a single, unified view, making it easier to manage relationships, track performance, and identify new business opportunities.
  • Managing and tracking leads with ease. From initial contact to policy sale, Salesforce can help companies prioritize leads, allocate resources effectively, and increase conversion rates.
  • Enhancing partner relationships, including agents, brokers and other distribution partners with Salesforce’s comprehensive platform for managing relationships. This can help companies to improve partner satisfaction, increase partner engagement, and drive more business.
  • Engaging with customers through various channels, such as email, SMS, and social media. This helps insurers build stronger relationships with their customers and promotes customer loyalty.
Automated Claims

2023 is all about providing customers with fast, personalized, and hassle-free experiences — all delivered in real-time. Here’s how Salesforce can provide this with automated claims:

  • Process claims faster than manual methods; thus reducing the time it takes to settle claims and ultimately result in faster customer payouts.
  • Eliminate human errors, such as typos and miscalculations, and ensure that all calculations are consistent and in compliance with company guidelines.
  • Detect fraudulent claims faster by quickly analyzing large amounts of data and identifying patterns that may indicate fraud; thereby helping companies reduce losses resulting from fraudulent claims.
  • Streamline claims processing workflows by automating repetitive tasks, thus freeing up agents’ time to focus on more complex claims.
  • Automated claims processing can provide customers with real-time status updates on their claims, making it easier and more convenient for them to track and manage their claims.
Accelerate Digital Insurance Innovation

These days, more people are banking digitally than ever before with 61% of consumers interacting weekly on digital channels; calling upon insurers to make critical digital innovation shifts. Salesforce helps to accelerate this process by providing a comprehensive platform that drives efficiency, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction. With Salesforce, insurance companies can leverage data and analytics to deliver tailored insurance solutions that meet their customers’ unique needs. It also offers superior integration capabilities, enabling property insurers to integrate their systems with third-party platforms, such as policy administration and claims management systems. Salesforce’s process automation and data analytics capabilities offer companies a way to automate their workflows, reduce manual intervention, and analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and insights to better inform their product development and marketing strategies. Finally, intelligent collaboration features facilitate real-time collaboration between different stakeholders such as brokers, agents, and customers, improving the overall customer experience. As of 2023, research supports digital innovation with 80% of customers saying the experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services, and 88% expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started on the journey to digital transformation – TODAY

With the increasing competition in the property insurance market, leveraging technology like Salesforce is crucial for companies to stay ahead and meet the evolving demands of their clients. With a wide range of features and benefits like, seamless integration with other systems, customizable dashboards and reports, and automated workflows, Salesforce has become an indispensable tool among financial institutions. Access Global Group’s team of certified experts know Salesforce inside and out. This means that when they come to you, no stone is left unturned and they’re able to solve any conflict with agility and accuracy. Regardless of where you are in the digital transformation journey, Access Global Group will provide customized solutions that align with your goals so you can focus on not only reaching them, but going far beyond what you thought was possible. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are acutely catered to your organization’s needs. And as your premier Summit Salesforce Partners and Consulting Services/Managed Services experts with over 15 years in the industry, we’ll use our technical expertise to meet your unique needs and generate real change within your organization.
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