Cheers to 15 Years: Access Global Group Celebrates 15 Years of Service

Jenna Trott

5 min read | FEBRUARY 10, 2023

15 Years of AGG
The year was 2008, Apple had just released the iPhone 3G, the world saw the debut of Google Android, and it was the beginning of the end for DVDs with the release of affordable Blu-Ray players. Meanwhile, something else was beginning to take shape. Vamsi Bollenini, the founder and CEO of Access Global Group, saw the incredible impact that Salesforce could have on a business, from streamlining processes and increasing efficiency, to improving customer engagement and driving growth; but he also recognized that it was still a relatively new technology. The true potential Salesforce held was not yet fully understood. Thus, an idea began to materialize. Vamsi wanted to create a company that not only helped partners understand the complexities of Salesforce, but also helped drive growth and revenue. But to create a business off of an idea alone is no simple task. In the beginning, there were many “no’s,” doors closed, and phone lines going dead. Holding tight to the belief that a company helping partners in their journey with Salesforce would prove to be invaluable, Vamsi got to work. A diverse team of experts was gathered, unified by their dedication and passion to provide solutions and support for the “Big Four” consulting companies; and it did prove to be successful.
Over time, Access Global Group truly lived up to their name as a global company with a presence throughout the United States, Canada, and India and successful projects throughout 37 US states and 15 countries. AGG’s unique business operation model of being fully remote, even prior to the pandemic, has enabled them to hire top talent from all over the world based on experience, certifications, and skills – rather than simply location. This results in a highly exceptional team for our clients with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences. We believe in unique solutions, and our unique team ensures that there is no problem we can’t solve and no limit to what can be achieved with Access Global Group.

As Access Global Group has grown, we have truly evolved into becoming a partner for the clients, helping companies across industries get the most out of their Salesforce investments. Through our offerings: Salesforce implementation, integration, optimization, and managed services, we help businesses of varying sizes and industries on their journey of digital transformation. Our implementation strategy helps to close interdepartmental gaps and create sustainable business strategies through thorough assessments, diligent planning, custom configurations, comprehensive deployment, and support. Collectively, our team has 300+ Salesforce certifications, allowing us to implement and integrate a variety of Salesforce products to supplement business’ digital strategy. Our unique project methodology is rooted in our commitment to our customers. When we sit down with a client, we ensure their concerns are not only understood but thoroughly addressed in our work with them. Our goal is to be by our clients’ side, holding their hand every step of the way; and even after deployment, we offer managed services as a means to ensure continued success. Whether a company needs existing team support, support for a project already underway, on-going support, or something else, we help our clients navigate a myriad of business challenges — together. We have been privileged to work and learn alongside some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in the industry, enabling us to become the 5-star rated and trusted Salesforce Summit Partner we are today.

As time passes, it can be easy to overlook how far we’ve come since 2008. The road to success has not always been smooth, but we continue to find ways to keep innovating and moving forward. We invite you to join us as we reflect on all that we’ve accomplished over the last 15 years.


Company Founded

Coupled with his expertise in call centers, founder Vamsi Bollineni created a unique company capable of providing services and support for customers and other Salesforce partners.



As Access Global Group continued to grow, Vamsi Bollineni brought on more computer telephony integration experts to help maximize ROI and elevate business capabilities for partners.


Access Global Group Announces the Release of Their CTI Adapter

Access Global Group’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) adapter was designed to seamlessly integrate your telephony system with Salesforce. This enabled sales representatives
to make, receive and log calls directly from within Salesforce, providing real-time access to customer information for personalized support. It also works to streamline call management and improve team collaboration with automatic call logging and shared customer data.


Becoming the Partner’s Partner

Access Global Group begins partnering with other Salesforce partners in hopes of helping businesses better achieve their goals. This was accomplished by collaborating with partners who have already closed deals; our role was to support the partners during pre-sales and handle delivery end-to-end.


Moving to a Global Presence

Before making the plunge of going global, Access Global Group worked to understand industry demand and regulations, as well as the impact of digital transformation across industries. Further, the effective selling and marketing of our products and services required a comprehensive, cohesive strategy that addresses sales strategy, sales delivery, branding/value proposition, marketing strategy, marketing programs, and pricing – which together created clear market differentiators to propel market acceptance and revenue growth.


Acquisition of Skylightsys LLC

Skylightsys is recognized as a leader in the staffing industry with over 40 years of combined expertise in information technology, recruiting, human resources, and project management. Access Global Group’s acquisition of Skylightsys in 2017 signified an important shift for the company as it enabled the AGG to have access to a larger pool of talent. This set the wheels in motion for creating a more flexible and efficient workforce, with enhanced compliance capabilities, and increased revenue potential.


Becoming a Partner for the Client and Achieving Crest Status

Access Global Group reaches the Crest (formerly “Gold”) in Salesforce’s partnership program. This recognizes Access Global Group as a trusted company to develop and provide custom solutions, as well as project implementations and integrations. This came at a pivotal time as Access Global Group began providing products and services directly to customers.


Product Releases

After many years of working within the Salesforce ecosystem, the Access Global Group team began to notice common pain points and wanted to offer the companies they worked with a trustworthy solution. Thus, Access Global Group created two new applications: Access Commissions and Access Quickbooks. Access Commissions is unique – just like the customers it helps. It was designed to give
 users the ability to customize their commission plan settings to best suit 
their organizational goals and can be managed based on employee-,
group-, or individual-specific commissions. Access Quickbooks provides a seamless integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks so you can say goodbye to unmanageable data and hello to a seamless integration between your sales and accounting team that ensures error-free and accurate data.


Release of Access Docs and Access Payments

Following the release of Access Quickbooks and Access Commissions, Access Global Group released two additional applications: Access Docs and Access Payments. Access Docs pulls data directly from Salesforce for accuracy and efficiency. Pre-made templates and customization capabilities ensure that your documents are professional and reflect your brand. Access Payments is the preferred choice for payment processing. Built for speed and precision, Access Payments is the superior solution for processing payments in Salesforce – so you can do more, with less clicks.


Access Global Group Achieves a Series of ‘Firsts’

2022 was a big year for us!

Access Global Group throwing axes with the Telhio team.

A day at the fair for Access Global Group and Telhio!

Looking to the Future and Beyond

Access Global Group is excited to continue to work each and every day to build upon the successes we’ve achieved in the last 15 years! In the coming years, we can expect to see new technologies emerge that will enhance the capabilities of Salesforce, and we anticipate working at the forefront of these innovations. By staying up to date on industry trends, staying true to our commitment to delivering high-quality services, and building strong relationships with clients, we hope to continue to grow and succeed as a company.

15 years ago, we started out with a simple idea; there was no way to know how far we would come. We find such gratitude to work in a space where we can help others reach their fullest potential with help of Salesforce and technology solutions; but at the end of the day, it’s about more than just technology, it’s about the people. Our 15 year milestone is nothing without the employees, the customers, the clients, and the partners, who trust us, stand beside us and walk with us into the future. From all of us at Access Global Group, thank you. Cheers to 15 years!

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