Top Trailheads for Salesforce Newcomers

Jenna Trott

5 min read | May 13th, 2022

Top Trailheads for Salesforce Newcomers-Acsgbl

One of the greatest things about Salesforce is their seemingly limitless repository of resources. Among these resources are Trailheads, which are a series of online learning modules that offer robust training in Salesforce skills and have been gamified to make learning fun. When you participate in Trailheads, you learn in-demand skills necessary to build your career or land a position in the Salesforce, earn credentials proving your Salesforce expertise and join a community of over 10 million trailblazers worldwide. Your journey is your own and completely customizable based upon the trailheads you choose. Whether you already have a bit of experience with Salesforce, or are a total newcomer, these trailheads are a great place to start or continue your journey.

The Basics

Before you can hone in on your Salesforce skills, it’s best to start off with a strong foundation that you can build upon. As Trailhead is the platform you’ll be using to further your Salesforce knowledge, having an understanding of how to use it is critical for progress.

To begin, start with these trails to better understand what Trailheads are all about:

Explore Your Options

Salesforce gives you the tools you need to succeed. Develop a deeper understanding about the skills needed for different careers and advance your skills for career specific requirements, even for jobs outside of Salesforce.

To explore your options, start with these trails:

Get to Know Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the basis that most other Salesforce cloud applications run on and has historically been the largest revenue generator for Salesforce, so having a comprehensive understanding of the platform is vastly beneficial.

To begin with Sales Cloud, start with these trails:

  • Discover Sales Cloud
    Get to know Sales Cloud, how to grow your business with it and measure important metrics.
  • Lead to Cash Sales Features
    Understand how to optimize Salesforce with the right combination of products for your sales teams.

Understand Salesforce’s Seasonal Releases

No matter how you use Salesforce, understanding Salesforce releases are vital to your success. Three times per year (Spring, Summer and Winter), Salesforce delivers new features and functionality to their customers. Be sure to have a strong understanding of releases and what it means for your org.

To prepare for Salesforce’s Seasonal Releases, visit this trail:

Develop Your Salesforce Admin Skills

Salesforce admins, or #AwesomeAdmins, know how to get the most out of the Salesforce system. These trails will give you everything you need to get started.

To become an #AwesomeAdmin, start with these trails:



Safety first! Even if you’re a newcomer to the platform, having an understanding of Salesforce security and how data is safeguarded is important.

To learn more about best security practices, start with these trails:

Salesforce AppExchange

Maximize your Salesforce investment. Created in 2006, AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace with apps and experts to help you solve business challenges fast. With over 117,000 customer reviews and 9 million installs, AppExchange has solutions for every obstacle.

To learn more about how to maximize Salesforce functionality, visit these trails:

Here at Access Global Group, we want to help you succeed and hope that we’ve given you some tools to kick-start your journey with Salesforce. If you’d like further support or guidance, reach out to one of our talented team members here.

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