Trailblazing with Applied Epic and Salesforce: One Insurer’s Story of Success

Jenna Trott  |  August 26, 2023  |  5 Minute Read

The Ultimate Partnership: Encompass and Salesforce Revolutionize Loan Origination

For nearly 130 years, a local insurance company has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Over time, it has evolved into one of the United States’ foremost privately held insurance brokers, renowned for its full-service approach and impeccable reputation. However, when their CRM began causing significant inefficiencies and gaps in the member experience, the necessity of digital transformation and optimization was acutely understood. Driven by an unwavering dedication to their clients and colleagues, this company began looking for the right partner to guide them through the journey of digital evolution. This is where Access Global Group stepped in. Through a partnership founded on trust and collaboration, Access Global Group aided this insurer in regaining momentum and reasserting their position as the go-to insurance partner for their beloved community.


From the beginning, this insurer described a number of challenges with their current system, Applied Epic. The system seemed to lack the necessary fine-tuning for effective customer relationship management. This deficiency directly affected their ability to efficiently handle potential leads and manage sales pipelines, ultimately leaving conversion rates hanging in the balance.

Adding to the complexity was the presence of three distinct business units targeting the same customer base through different products and sales cycles. This multiplicity of offerings introduced coordination and visibility challenges, making their operations intricate and less transparent.

Other key challenges included:

Insufficient CRM Capabilities within the Applied Epic system posed a significant challenge, hampering prospect and pipeline management for this company’s producers. Vital information crucial to the customer journey struggled to find a permanent home, leaving a critical gap in agents’ ability to track and document essential details.

Uncoordinated Business Units, each aiming for the same buyers, presented this insurer with a pressing dilemma. They sought a system that would foster seamless collaboration among these teams, ensuring smooth interactions without any disruptions or unnecessary friction.

A Lack of Comprehensive Management Visibility obscured both granular and high-level views of producer activities, leaving this insurer unable to effectively assess successes and track processes. This further hindered their ability to make informed decisions to achieve optimal outcomes.

Superior Integration was needed to facilitate the seamless merging of Salesforce with Applied Epic for accurate data transfer and streamlined processes.

In light of these challenges, it became clear that a comprehensive solution was imperative. What this insurer needed was a transformative approach that addressed the CRM limitations, streamlined coordination among business units, enhanced management visibility, and ensured seamless integration between Salesforce and Applied Epic for data accuracy and operational efficiency.


To address the array of challenges faced by this insurer, Access Global Group implemented a comprehensive solution involving the seamless integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud with Applied Epic and Outlook. The introduction of Salesforce sparked a significant enhancement in prospect and pipeline management, empowering producers to effortlessly capture crucial information throughout the sales journey. This unified approach fostered seamless coordination among the three business units, facilitating concurrent conversations without limitation.

Moreover, Salesforce’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities delivered an abundance of rich insights, catering to both detailed and high-level assessments. This empowered the management team to gauge success and monitor processes with unparalleled precision. The integration between Salesforce and Applied Epic ensured a smooth flow of data and prospect-related information, effectively streamlining post-sale operations for the marketing team.

Overall, this hyper-personalized solution not only ushered in clarity and efficiency but also elevated the insurer’s capabilities, propelling them toward success and positioning their company at the forefront of innovation.


The strategic adoption of Salesforce Sales Cloud and its seamless integration with Applied Epic and Outlook produced extraordinary outcomes, marking a pivotal transformation in this insurer’s operations and driving a remarkable surge in performance:

Enhanced Efficiency: By implementing streamlined processes and fostering enhanced collaboration, the company experienced a remarkable 20% enhancement in overall efficiency.

Supercharged Deal Processing: By refining the deal processing flow, the insurer accomplished a substantial 30% acceleration in deal processing speed.

Superior Management Visibility: Empowered with in-depth insights into producer activities and outputs, the management gained a fresh perspective, achieving heightened clarity concerning their team’s performance and success rates.

Precise and Expedited Commissions: Thanks to the integration between Salesforce and Applied Epic, the company saw significant enhancements in commission calculations, ensuring precision, and drastically reducing processing time.

The accomplished integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud with Applied Epic and Outlook marked a significant turning point in the operations of this insurer. Producers found themselves equipped with a user-friendly CRM system, propelling prospect and pipeline management to unprecedented levels. This initiative brought about streamlined processes and heightened collaboration among business units, culminating in a remarkable surge of efficiency and expedited deal processing. Management rejoiced in the comprehensive visibility granted into producer activities, facilitating precise evaluations of success and the seamless tracking of processes. Leveraging Salesforce as their pre-sale CRM, in conjunction with the seamless integration of Applied Epic, this insurer soared to unparalleled levels of efficiency and accuracy, setting forth a wave of success throughout the entire organization.

Why AGG?

In the pursuit of trust and success, aligning with the right allies who share your goals becomes paramount. Access Global Group is a distinguished partner offering a blend of global deployment expertise and the nimbleness of a boutique firm. With an impressive 15-year track record across diverse industries and the title of Salesforce Platinum-level partner, AGG goes above and beyond to surpass your insurance company’s needs and expectations during the integration process.

AGG’s unmatched proficiency in integrating various technology solutions proves invaluable. Our distinctive project methodology revolves around putting clients at the forefront of every decision, ensuring their requirements and aspirations shape our solutions. Extensive experience working with Salesforce and the financial services industry further solidifies our capability to deliver tailor-made solutions for your business.

What challenges is your insurance company grappling with? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and together, we’ll identify the most suitable solutions to effectively address your unique needs!

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