What Are Managed Services for Salesforce?

Jenna Trott

5 min read | OCTOBER 20, 2022

“Managed Services” is more than just a buzzword, it’s a simple and cost-effective way to support your business in whatever your goals are with Salesforce. Effectively manage and maximize your Salesforce instance with customizable support options that align with your short to long-term business needs. Whether you’re looking to supplement a project already in flight, determine if Salesforce is the right platform for you, build out a completely new instance, integrate your Salesforce environment with other systems, or help with other Salesforce requirements and recommendations, managed services is the right option for you. Salesforce is often the preferred choice of many professionals because it’s highly customizable, boasts premier security, maximizes team productivity, and is incredibly easy to use (to name just a few things!) However, due to the robust nature of Salesforce and the multitude of capabilities it offers, it can be time consuming to get started and maintain momentum. For that reason, hiring a managed services professional can help alleviate some of that pressure. Let’s take a look at what exactly goes into managed services and how it can help your organization.

Is Managed Services Right for Me?

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool but proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance can be overwhelming. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it may be time to consider a managed services solution:

  • Your work processes have become overly complicated and time consuming
  • Expenses end up costing you more than originally anticipated
  • You feel as though company growth has plateaued due to irregular business processes
  • Your current Salesforce management team is lacking the necessary skills and resources to effectively oversee SFDC functionalities
  • IT processes have become complex and expensive
  • You’re working toward transitioning to a new system
  • Overall company performance is diminishing and incomplete projects are piling up

What Does Managed Services Involve?

Strategic Planning

Discuss what your goals are and work with a team to define a vision and align resources with what you’re looking to achieve.

Salesforce Optimization

Your Salesforce org should be helping your business – not hurting it. If you’re finding yourself with cumbersome work processes and diminished productivity, this is something you should consider. Optimization Services analyzes your current system to ensure that it supports the objectives of your company. Industry experts can identify any areas of misused functionality and redesign the system in a way that boosts the overall productivity of your team.

Salesforce System Updates

Salesforce updates their system three times a year! Make sure that your system is up to speed and new features are being properly utilized with system support from managed service experts.

Salesforce Post Go-Live Support

Move forward with confidence. Once your project is launched experts will be there to help ​​with any user, technical, or change management issues.

Salesforce Implementation Support

Any successful Salesforce implementation requires a strong foundation. Start off on the right foot and ensure success throughout every step with a planned approach to integrate new software into the existing workflow of an organizational structure.

Salesforce Support Ad-Hoc

For companies already using Salesforce but are looking for occasional support or maintenance without a monthly commitment, this would be a great option to verify system success.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

Avoid a sluggish interface and complicated navigation with Lightning migration services to seamlessly transition your Classic knowledge base into Lightning.

Salesforce Customizations

Salesforce is robust but sometimes the default system needs to be tweaked to best suit your business’s unique needs and goals. Managed services can tailor configurations specific to what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Salesforce Data Clean-Up

Data is the lifeline of your business and bad data can significantly hinder work processes. Scrub any incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicate or poorly formatted data for faster, more consistent and accurate business insights.

Salesforce In-Flight Project Support

Have a project that’s already in progress but are unsure if it’s heading in the right direction? Salesforce In-Flight Project Support can help monitor and supplement your journey to ensure that you’re unlocking the full value of your project.

Salesforce Documentation Support

Clear and easily accessible internal documentation enables streamlined onboarding, aids in faster problem solving and ensures a solid knowledge management process for your team.

Salesforce AppExchange Installation, Testing and Go-Live

Salesforce’s Appexchange is their cloud computing marketplace with over 7,000 applications to further customize and supplement your system. A managed services partner can help ensure that the apps you’re downloading are not only compatible but are configured to work in the most effective way. This includes testing and continued support throughout the entire process.

Subject Matter Expert Support

Salesforce SME’s offer a deep understanding and knowledge in a specific area or topic, and boast unique qualifications to provide superior guidance and strategy. With SME managed services support, your company will benefit from organizational evaluations and recommendations of the most suitable technical solutions.

Legacy System Integrations

Legacy system integration tackles the challenge of integrating information from on-premises systems into your new system without the risk of losing critical data.

Existing Salesforce Team Support

If you already have an existing Salesforce team but need additional support with other Salesforce requirements and recommendations, this is the best option for you. Customize the assistance you need and address chief concerns.

Process Automations

Automation has infinite possibilities; it can assist with maximizing productivity, decreasing company costs, reducing errors, increasing customer satisfaction, supporting employee retention and much, much more. Take the stress out of automation with intelligent solutions by expert managed services providers.

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly business reviews prove to be an invaluable opportunity to assess
performance levels, identify any unresolved issues and develop strategies to tackle any deficiencies for the next quarter. This serves as a key moment for both the client and partner to take accountability for what is working well and what could be improved upon.

Ongoing Solution Management

At the highest level, a managed services provider can offer long-term, in-house support to handle the daily operations of specialized applications and ensure end-to-end solution success.

Admin, Developer or Architect Support

Provide essential proactive and reactive support for the key duties and tasks associated with admin, developer or architect roles.

Benefits to Managed Services

The benefits to leveraging a Managed Services Partner are vast but include:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Superior service at a moments notice
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Supplement or fill roles that are lacking with existing staff
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Reduce expenses
  • Future-proof your business
  • Consistent solutions that align with business goals
  • Increased staff productivityGain a reliable point of contact for Salesforce needs
  • Constant visibility into system functionalities

Why AGG?

Our team of certified experts know Salesforce inside and out. This means that when they come to you, no stone is left unturned and they’re able to solve any conflict with agility and accuracy.

Regardless of where you are in your Salesforce journey, Access Global Group will ensure your CRM capabilities align with your goals so you can focus on not only reaching them, but going far beyond what you thought was possible.

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