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How KSA Events Brought Manual
Processes into Salesforce with AGG.
KSA Events (Kaylee Scholarship Association) is a
nationwide host of high school sport and performance
art events, providing a national competition format that
allows high school teams to compete against one
another on a national level at popular vacation
destinations like Disney World. KSA’s system was not
fully online creating problems with accessing
information, room for error and preventing customers
from interacting with their accounts.


KSA Events


Sports Event Hosting


Windermere, Fl

Company size

5000+ Employees

Salesforce Solutions

Custom, Service Cloud

The Challenge

KSA Events faced the following Salesforce Challenges..
  • Currently on Salesforce but process has many manual steps outside of SFDC, some require paper and email
      attachments, uploading docs to Salesforce. Manual steps were not in reports..
  • Product inventories, customer orders, invoices, payments, and travel itineraries were all manually managed outside
      of SFDC, introducing room for errors and increasing team effort and expense.
  • Much of the sales process was manual and outside of SFDC.
  • Customer experience was highly variable.
  • Customer had no customer account portal.

The Solution

KSA Events Salesforce Solution Provided By Access Global Group..
  • Custom development.
  • Custom pages.
  • Custom integration.
  • Case management.
  • System configuration.
  • Built out current SFDC organization to facilitate “Team Opportunities”; each opportunity is a school’s team
      attending a specific event.
  • Created a product catalog with comprehensive inventory tracking.
  • Customer community for self-service and journey-tracking.
  • A fully integrated payment processing system within Salesforce.

The Results

KSA Events Salesforce Results with Access Global Group Services.
  • Easier management of a team opportunity, including passenger lists and managed inventory for each opportunity and event
  • Improved data integrity allows KSA to make more informed decisions about how to market, products to sell or drop, and inventory levels            required
  • Streamlined communication and customer experience, where customer can make an order directly online and schedule automated                   payments
  • Improved school “team opportunity” experience, where the coach or school administrator can view his or her
      entire team, track passengers, itineraries, and payment history


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%


We increased ROI for Candence Bank by 18% and increased call center KPIs by 25%

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