Access Global Group’s Beginner’s
Guide to CRM

Access Global Group’s Beginner’s Guide to CRM

CRM, you hear it being tossed around a lot these days, but what exactly is it? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is often used in reference to a system that helps to not only manage customer data, but dually helps to support interrelated department communication and success. A good CRM is one that delivers actionable insights and integrates with social media, working hard to make your work processes more efficient. But why is this important for you? Does having the right CRM really matter? We’ll answer that and more in Access Global Group’s Beginner’s Guide to CRMs.

Why have a CRM system?

Simple, a quality CRM helps your team stay on top of data by keeping customer contact info up to date, it tracks every customer interaction in real-time, and manages customer accounts. Having strong relationships with clients and customers is vital to your org’s success, and the right CRM helps to exceed your client’s expectations easily and efficiently.

Do I really need a CRM?

No, you don’t need one, but not having one makes work more challenging than it needs to be. Picture this, you’ve got important deadlines quickly approaching and more projects on the horizon, you’re trying to manage your employees and company growth all while trying to find new opportunities. This can very quickly become overwhelming and before you know it, you’re missing phone calls and letting promised deals fall through the cracks. Having a CRM isn’t necessary, but it helps to streamline your workflow, stay organized and ensure that data is consistently up to date.

What exactly does a CRM do?

Simply put, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides a central place where orgs can keep track of client data, track interactions, and easily communicate this information across channels. It also works to address the key challenges mentioned above. By turning client data into valuable insights, it can easily transform your business into one that leans into growth rather than buckle under the pressure.

Key features of a CRM

  • Contact management
  • Lead generation
  • Email tracking
  • Sales forecasts
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Staying connected with clients and employees
  • Much more!

Best CRM Overall

Access Global Group possesses a deep industry knowledge of CRM systems, and the one that consistently delivers with a clean interface and quick problem solving is Salesforce. Regardless of where your company is in its state of growth or current size, Salesforce is customizable for any industry and any requirement.

How do I get started?

Access Global Group is a trusted Salesforce partner with the completion of over 1,500 successful projects, over 400 integrations and a 5 star rating on G2. We’re equipped with an expert team to help transform your business whenever you’re ready. To get started, reach out to one of our valuable team members to schedule an appointment:

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